This Week

I was honored to receive a call over the weekend and to be asked to have some of my Miss Ohio items on display for an exhibit with Franklin County Genealogical & Historical Society/Southwest Franklin County Historical Society.

The exhibit begins June 1st, with no end date yet. I will share more as I get more info. I'm trying to decide what to put on display. Gown? Crown? Sash? Articles, etc.? It makes me nervous putting the crown on display but I know that's the one thing people love to see. What do you think?

I was also privileged to judge the Laws of Life essay contest a few weeks back. Their award ceremony is this week. I'm happy to attend and was asked to give the invocation.  I will share photos of that (if any are taken) later. It's always a nice event, they have guest speakers, good food and driven teenagers...whom I know will make a difference in this world one day.

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately. Life has been very interesting. Only 3 to 4(ish) months until I'm blessed with my second baby. Don't know the gender! ;) Trying to get things ready at home and just get through this pregnancy...which is nothing like my first pregnancy, with my daughter. Wonder if that means BOY?! Ha.

Maybe I'll do a poll for people to guess in a couple months! My friend, Crystal Jo, did one and it was a lot of fun. I was wrong on hers! Haha.

Have a blessed week.


It's been a while!

And I'm STILL trying to sell my dresses. Making room for Baby 2.0. If I can't sell these and find good homes for these dresses, I'll probably take them to the local Plato's Closet then donate to Fairy Good-Mother's.

Gold gown: Craigslist

Icicle pink: Craigslist

Pale pink: Craigslist

Maggie Sotterro: Craiglist

Lauren Conrad: Craiglist

Multi-color spring dress: Craiglist

Summer dress (casual): Craiglist

Casual jersey magenta: Craiglist

Black Paris (TB) gown: Craiglist

Grey, long sleeve...: Craiglist

Denim, Joli Prom: Craiglist

Shoes: Here & Here

White halter, Landa gown: Craiglist

B/W summer dress (never worn): Craiglist

Facebook album of all: HERE