New Titleholders & Other News

I had the pleasure to judge the Miss Portsmouth & Miss Shawnee pageant this past Sunday. I was very pleased to learn they were bringing the pageant back this year, and sending two representatives to the Miss Ohio stage. I competed at the Miss Portsmouth pageant when its sister title was Miss Scioto Valley. I won Miss Scioto Valley that year, Nanciann (Strosnider) Moschner won Miss Portsmouth. We both went on to be in the Top 10 at Miss Ohio (summer of 2006 - I think). She may have been in the Top 5 even, but I can't remember.

It was a great weekend. Won't lie, it was nice to travel sans-husband and sans-child. I was able to watch what I wanted to watch the night before competition. Was able to take a long shower. Read some "fashion" magazines without a little one trying to rip out the pages. Catch up on a couple of chapters out of my Kindle. Haha. It was a good weekend with a great outcome.

Gabby Bailey and Elise Budowanec will compete for the title of Miss Ohio 2014 this summer! Here is a photo, from Jon's Photo:

In other news...

My baby girl sure has some to-do list:

That's right! I'm having another baby! If you follow me on Facebook, this is old news to you. If not...surprise! I'm about 3 1/2 months in and due mid-August! Can't wait!

Many blessings.

Day Dreaming

Sometimes, I will emphasize the sometimes...I wish I were still competing!

These gowns have me ooo-ing and aww-ing and drooling...

And these designers! I'm in love! Mac Duggal and Tarik Ediz! What do you think?

Miss Hilliard

I lived nearly half my life in the city of Hilliard. Most don't know that. My mother and I moved half-way through my seventh grade year. I was ecstatic to hear that there would be a local prelim to Miss Ohio held there! So of course we did not miss the inaugural pageant held this past weekend!

The new Miss Hilliard is Cecili Weber! First runner-up was Gabby Bailey! Couldn't be happier for both young ladies!

My Miss Ohio sister, Renee, was one of their judges. I'm sure she had a blast!

Obviously, I didn't have high expectations for the pageant because it was the first time for such a large production/undertaking. Overall, it went well and the Miss Hilliard group should feel proud. There were glitches with sound/audio, scripting, etc.; but what live event doesn't have some hiccup?

And of course there are some things I would've done differently, added or taken out; but this is why I don't run a local...yet! ;)

As always, it was an entertaining evening and great to catch up with some of my Miss Ohio family!

"Vocal Coach: Roberta"

A couple of posts below, I attempted to "market" myself as a vocal coach. I didn't write much, just posted a photo. Didn't go as well as I had planned. So I made a Facebook page, check it out here - - Vocal Coach & Singer: Roberta Camp-Albert

I have been singing since the ripe age of 9. My mother and her cousin overheard me singing "Part of Your World" from the Little Mermaid (my all-time favorite Disney movie). My mom thought I could actually sing...and she could tell it was something I really enjoyed.

I give it up to her for helping me follow-through with my dreams. She was the one who sought out a voice teacher (Jennifer Nicole!!) and found auditions in the city. She was the one who drove me everywhere and paid for everything. So of course I owe it to her.

I'm excited to have all ready received three inquiries into being a voice teacher since creating my Facebook page! I currently have one student and enjoy it so much. I love seeing her blossom and grow and become more confident in her vocal abilities. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you have!

Thanks for reading.