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Miss America Org.

I so wish I would've gone to this event last night. Right around the corner from the building where I work! Miss America (& Miss Ohio) was so close! Ohio State University & Ohio Union Activities Board brought Nina Davuluri to speak "about her experiences in handling stereotypes from others and her perceptions of being Miss America." (The Lantern, OSU) 

 Photo from Facebook

Davuluri encourages a Twitter or Instagram #hashtag of: #CirclesofUnity to promote her social issue of "Celebrating Diversity through Cultural Competency." What a mouth-full and what a cause to advocate!

Again, I wish I would've gotten my tush in the car and gone to listen and meet her! Heather was there and able to spend an extended amount of time with her Miss America...whom she said is so real & down to Earth! So great to hear!

I would also ask you to consider helping out my Miss America sister (Miss New Mexico) on her journey to Nashville!

She and her husband teamed up and want to record an album but they need our help! Watch the video to find out more...HERE!




Elissa McCracken, Miss Ohio 2012; Ellen Bryan, Miss Ohio 2011; Heather Wells, Miss Ohio 2013; Robyn Hancock Wenzke, Miss Ohio 1996; Roberta Camp Albert, Miss Ohio 2007

Four former Miss Ohio's with reigning Miss Ohio 2013, Heather Wells! We had a nice relaxing evening at Bravo Cucina in Columbus. The restaurant was almost cleared out by the time we were finally ready to say our goodbyes. We probably could've talked for longer but decided we'd cut our server a break. Topics of conversation were: boyfriends, how we met our significant other, Heather's Miss America experience, our MA experiences, Miss Ohio vs. Miss America, school, work, and so on and so on...It's amazing to see where each woman is in their lives. Where they've gone since Miss Ohio, where they thought they'd be but decided to go a different path; after MO. What a great sorority or sisterhood to be a part of. One I am so thankful for. Each of us had a similar but unique experience during our year of service and I know we're grateful to be able to lean on one-another. Heather even said this is one of the best parts of being Miss Ohio, is the sisters she has gained. I can't wait to do this again! Thanks for reading. God bless.

Better Late Than Never

I haven't blogged since November. Whoops.

If we are friends on Facebook, you know we've been busy. If we're not...I'll attempt to quickly fill you in.

I still currently only have one vocal student, see post below. She was accepted into her high school talent show...I'd say with my help! Please don't hesitate to contact me today if you're interested in lessons! I can only take two students with the 'busy-ness' of our family. So I am looking for that second it YOU?!

Over the passing two months, we've celebrated holidays, birthdays and the new year! We took baby girl out hunting for our own Christmas tree.

She loved the snow! And our tree was beautiful! No spiders even! Long-story short, we had "Christmas tree spiders" a couple of years ago. I won't go into it, but you can imagine.

Hubs & I clean up nice. We enjoyed an evening out for his company Christmas dinner party. He was rewarded with his five-years of service award. Really it's been six, but because he started seven days into the new year; this is what they're going by. Who's counting right?! ;)

Baby girl got to see Santa again! She still doesn't like him. But she's adorable! Thanks to Tasha Braniff Photography for these awesome shots of her second Christmas! Tasha, you're the BEST for doing this each year. We truly love it!

She keeps us SO busy. She's beginning to talk in sentences. She's a 'Chatty Cathy' that's for sure. But we love it! She's growing up so fast.

I was able to take some family photos, thanks to Crystal Jo Foto. Click HERE to view my album with a sneak peek of some of the shots I got.

I'm so excited to catch up with some of my Miss Ohio sisters tonight! Some of us are gathering at a local spot in Columbus this evening, to simply chat. It will be so nice. Nice & relaxing to just fill one-another in on what's going on in our lives. Such an awesome sisterhood to be a part of. I'll be sure to share some photos.

Thanks for checking in! If I get some inspiring thing to blog about, I will!
Blessings 'til then.