Adventures in Atlantic City

My apologies for not sharing about my trip to the 2014 Miss America pageant yet.

We left on a Friday, two weeks ago! We stopped in Pennsylvania on the way over, which was a nice break in the 8 to 9 hour drive. We arrived to Atlantic City Saturday early afternoon, missing the Miss America trade-show by an hour. Arrgg. We grabbed our badges for the Miss America coronation then headed straight to the beach!

Unfortunately, I was comparing AC to Las Vegas, which I shouldn't have done. However, having the sand at your fingertips (or toes) is so nice. After soaking up some rays and trying to catch a shot of us dipping our toes in the ocean, we went back to the room to relax and get ready for the Show Us Your Shoe Parade!

After the parade I met SIX of my Miss America sisters at EVO at Trump Plaza. While catching up with my amazing, beautiful, accomplished sisters; I ran into one of the directors for the Miss New York organization; Linda! Who'd-a-thunk the MNYSP would have another Miss America the following night!

We hung out at Trump then went to Bally's then back to our hotel for the night. In Vegas, you wouldn't be able to "move around" this much. You wouldn't want to really. Everything you would need or want is usually within one hotel/casino.

I woke the next day to have an amazing brunch/lunch with my Miss Ohio sister ('85), Suellen. Suellen hasn't lived in Ohio for a very long time, so most of you may have not had an opportunity to meet her. Oh my word, I love her. I felt like we were long lost friends right from the get-go. She was a double prelim winner and was in the Top 10, her year at Miss America!

I took some "me time" and shopped at the Pier Shops...and got a pumpkin spice latte from #Starbucks! Met up with my partner in crime before getting ready for finals.

Side note: I was so excited about my hair on finals night. I had these waves going, kind of a classy look. Then we stepped outside and it went to you know where. :-( 

I was also so excited to find out if Heather Wells, Miss Ohio, would make it into the Top 15. Oh the anticipation of sitting in that HUGE theater just wondering and waiting. We sat right behind a group that was there for Miss Connecticut...she made it all the way thru the talent round!

Heather is a wonderful young woman. Very talented, beautiful, kind, funny, gifted... there were some head-scratchers in the Top 15, to me at least. It's been six years since I competed, I think I can be candid here... Wisconsin, Kentucky and Missouri were a few of the questionable ones for me.

I liked Florida, but I wonder if the judges placed her in the Top 5 because they felt "sad" for her. If you didn't watch or know, Florida injured herself earlier in the week and so she wore a leg brace for finals competition. #pityparty?

While I'm sure each of these young women have their own unique positive traits and qualities...this is just me "venting" here. And I am excited for the new Miss America, Nina Davuluri!

But, these girls over Heather? You just never know! I thought for sure I was going to be in the Top 15 my year! And for my successor and her successor and so on...get the picture. The 50+ young women who compete at Miss America, are the best of the best. Every year, states send intelligent and driven young women to the Miss America stage.

For any contestants competing for a local title or even getting ready to compete at Miss Ohio, your title is won in the interview room. This is even more true at Miss America.

Heather knew what she was preparing for, what she was getting herself into. Miss America is so hard to "explain" and it's such a different experience for each young woman.

Back to the logistics of it...I was not happy with my seat either. So the first 15 minutes of the final show, ask Becky, I was Grumpy McGrumperstein. Not pleased with where we sat or with OH not placing. Boardwalk Hall is enormous. It's like a football stadium. So if you plan to go in the future, sit in the 100 section and the lower your section the better. For instance, we were in 106 and the rest of the OH gang was in 102 (I think). Their seats were really keep that in mind.

I am beyond thankful that I was able to attend the 2014 Miss America pageant. It was an experience. And to be able to go to cheer on a friend, made it even better. I will probably not go again until my daughter is older, so I can take her, too.

I feel like I could say so much more, but I'll stop rambling. 

Here are a couple of photos:

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Photos from Miss America 2014

Check out my photos from Miss America:


I'll write more about my time in Atlantic City later today or tomorrow!