Our House

Well...one week from today, we'll be buying a new home. I'm a mix of emotions. We've lived in our current home four years. It was MY first house. OUR first house. Baby girl's first home. We really did a lot to it.

A lot of sweat, tears, money, creativity, etc.; went into this little place. We purchased it from an 80+ year old lady who was living on her own & couldn't manage it. As you could imagine, certain things hadn't been touched in a couple years.

It was built in the 50's. The location is perfect, just down the street from a church. Great neighbors. We remodeled the bathroom, re-did the hardwood floors, laid white base boards throughout the house, renovated the kitchen, put in new windows, painted the exterior of the house...the list goes on.

All of that, included with the fact that my baby is eleven months young today...is making me a mess today.

Here is our little gem:

Here is what we get to put our own stamp on in just a week & a half:

More space so we can (Lord willing), have a bigger family.

From the outside, our new house looks great, right?! It is in need of a lot of TLC. The windows are original & will need replaced. The electrical is bad (BAD). The carpet in the entire house is being replaced...they have two cats, two dogs & are smokers. Siding & a window needs fixed from a sketchy DIY reno they tried...the window is shattered. Let's leave it at that. We're having duct work done next week...again, animals & cigarette smoke are not the greatest combo. BUT because this home was in such poor condition, is what made it feasible for us to purchase.

I will most definitely take photos of before & after shots. I'm excited about getting my hands on this place but nervous because it is a lot of house! It's more than twice the size of where we are now. And when we remodeled our current home...we didn't have a baby!

Wish us luck! I hope to write more later but know that I'll be doing fun house stuff...cleaning, packing, moving, painting...wohoo!