This Past Week

This past week was another busy one.

As I previously mentioned, I congratulated a group of students who were being inducted into the NHS & NJHS within my school district. It was such an honor. I think my presentation went over well...even if I did talk a little quicker than I had liked because I was a tiny bit nervous. Ugh. It was great to meet students afterward who wanted to get a photo with! Haha. Haven't felt that "popular" for four years or so! Little did they know, I'm an old has-been, working wife & mother! The ONLY photo I took that night is this one:

Yep, took it while sitting on stage. Got a good laugh out of some folks when I told them I was "instagram-ing" real quick!

This is a story I read to them, which I heard resounded with quite a few:
I Am Your Attitude, by Tiffany Bradley

I can be kind and positive, I can be nasty and negative, I can make a heart or break a heart, I can make you cry or feel ashamed, I can be tolerated if I am good.


I can make you look bad, I can stop you from receiving things you want, like a job, a loan, a scholarship, even friends. I can make you look pretty; I can get you things that you never thought you could ever have.


I can make you loved. I can make you hated, it's all in your approach, I can start you off good, and finish you off great. I can make the man say "I loved him, he was great, we'll accept him to our school." Or "thank you, we'll hire you." I can even get you denied or fired, it's all up to you.

I can give you potential, I can get you ahead, I can make your day or I can destroy your day!


I come in many different languages, vogues, preppy, or plain; I am a reaction, a defense, an opinion, a charm, a characterization, and a first impression!


With all the many places I've been, and all the people that I've come across, I always manage to be the star that shines the most. I'm always the one to stand out before every other. I'm always the first thing noticed!


I can be kind and positive. I can be nasty and negative; It's all up to you and your approach on life. I am all these things above and more, but it's up to you to decide on how to manage me!


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I got back home last night, just in time to put my baby girl to bed! I was in Mansfield all day yesterday where I served on the judges panel for the "Miss Ohio Sweeps" competition. Miss Ohio Sweeps is one final opportunity for young women to compete for a scholarship & a spot on the Miss Ohio 2013 stage this June!

There were 18 incredible young ladies I got to meet yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised with each and every one. I was super excited & nervous for this opportunity, having never judged a MAO local. I have judged in other local systems, but this was a whole different ballgame for me...& I loved it!

Here are some photos from my day yesterday...
I judged during the first set of on-stage competition, as the ladies were given the chance to compete twice for SIX titles. Our winners were Jenna Fowls, Cecili Weber & Allison Vance! The young women who captured the final three crowns were Lindsay Hanson, Justin O'Flagherty & Kirsten Fenning. To all who competed, I am more than happy to provide feedback to you based on your performance(s) yesterday. If you'd like just shoot me a message.

With the beautiful Elissa McCracken, Miss Ohio 2012. 
With the sweet Cecili Weber, Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen & newly crowned Miss Capital City.

Be blessed!

Oh, Tuesday

Hello blog world!

It's Tuesday. Oh Tuesday. Tuesday's are good for me. I have time to actually shower in the morning because the hubs is still at home. So Tuesday...I thank you for allowing me to sleep in. Wash my hair. Put some makeup on. Or...should I thank baby girl for that?! ;)

I did take extra time this morning to prepare for a presentation I will be giving this evening to the South Western City Schools National Junior Honor Society award and scholarship recipients! I was asked to be the guest speaker a few weeks ago and I'm very honored. I'm excited to congratulate these teenagers in their efforts to have good character and change our world!

I haven't presented in front of such a large group in at least a year! Since before baby, I'm sure. I'm a little nervous but mostly excited to have the opportunity to empower the young people in my community.

I'm also extremely excited about an event happening this's a FIRST for me. I'm not sure if I can share, so to be safe; I'll wait until after! But I'm so geeked about it. :) Sorry no photos for this post. I will share some next week after these two events.

OH...and we sold our house all ready! God is SO SO SSOOO good! I don't want any "haters" but it was on the market less than THREE days when we got TWO offers! Wohoo! We will be moving mid-April! So...I don't know how much time I'll have to blog but I will try. My posts have all ready been very scarce.

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If you're on Facebook...there's a "Miss America Class Updates" page that has an album with photos from the 2013 Miss America Homecoming in New York this past weekend. I know Miss Ohio 2004, Amanda Beagle was in attendance! 

MAOT & MA (photo from MA Class Updates on Facebook)