Items for Sale

Well, I thought this would be the year that would be "slow." No babies. No winning Miss Ohio. No moving. No new homes. No graduations. No big life changing events.

We began looking at options for our "forever" home in December. With every intention to take the next year and get our home ready to put on the market and save money. What do ya know...we found a house we will be putting an offer on TOMORROW!

With that said, I am (again) selling LOTS of items. If they don't find a good home, I will likely donate to the Salvation Army of Central Ohio again. The listings on Craigslist are at the bottom of this post.

Please email me if you're interested! Thanks!

Plum suit:
Grey Tahari:
Houndstooth jacket:
Ruffle blouse:
Cocktail dress:
Black cocktail:
Black with pink:
Gold shoes:
White shoes:

Best of 2012

Hey! We could use YOUR vote!

My little family is in the running for Crystal Jo Foto's "Best of 2012" contest! We are #26. If you get a chance, follow THIS link and vote! We'd really appreciate it. There's a great prize in store!


Valentine's & M.A. News

A big day!

My baby's first Valentine's Day & some breaking Miss America news!

For C-Bear's 9 month photo session, I decided to hop in a couple of her pics...thought it would make a nice heart-day gift for "Hubsaddy!" And it did...he loves the photos! Taken by non other than Crystal Jo Foto!

Other than the fact that my baby is this much closer to the big ONE...the Miss America pageant will be moving "home" later this year! The past 7 years, the competition has been held in Las Vegas but now embarks on the journey back to the East Coast! I won't lie, I'm not necessarily ecstatic about this move but I'm not sad either. I had never attended Miss America until I competed in 2008, though I know the nostalgia and tradition that Atlantic City held for the pageant...Las Vegas was its "home" to me. But I am, however, so happy that it is approximately 1,500 miles closer to MY home! Haha. Did you also know, it will be held THIS September?!?! Crazy stuff!

HERE is a story from Google & the Associated Press.

I'm still working on this site, I apologize if it's acting up for you.

Looking at the Bible to find a fitting "love" verse...there are too many to choose from. Here is what I'll leave you with: "But I trust in Your unfailing love, my heart rejoices in Your salvation." Psalms 13:5

Hope your heart-day and the rest of your week overflows with LOVE!