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Miss America 2013

And your winner is...Mallory Hagan, Miss New York. She is the new Miss America!

What do you think? Did you pick the winner? Once the top 5 were announced, I thought South Carolina had it in the bag. All the girls I was watching with, agreed. But guess who picked right...my mom! No kidding. She actually put NY in her top 5 after the announcement of top 15! My mom is GOOD at picking the winner, or at least the top 2 - 3 contenders. Whew!

I can't believe it's over. I'm sure Elissa (Miss Ohio 2012) can't believe it either! I have yet to talk to her since she's been back. I remember it taking about a week or so to get back to "normal." It takes that long just to get your laundry started after being in Vegas for two weeks!

If Elissa is reading this, please know you made Ohio proud during the 2013 Miss America week. I truly hope you enjoyed your time in Vegas, a once in a lifetime opportunity. We're excited to have you back in OH & looking forward to the rest of your year! I'm also looking forward to what your new Miss America will be up to! ;)

Follow these links to keep up with the new Miss America:
Miss America Twitter
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Final Night of Prelims

The last night of prelim competition is complete! I hope Elissa has been enjoying herself. She knows, win or lose, she's put every ounce of effort into being the best she can be this week. No matter what happens, she's made Ohio proud!

Last nights winners were:
Talent - North Dakota   |   Swimsuit - Wasington
Photo from MAO Facebook

Also, this is the last picture to include in my 2013 Miss America Week "photo-a-day"...
Many doors are open to local and state titleholders. You are invited to various functions, to speak, present, be a guest, etc. I had the honor to be a part of the Spirit Celebration for the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research. I even met Stefanie, who was so beautiful and kind. This picture melts my heart...this little girl is a cancer survivor and was in awe of my crown! It's moments like this one that I'll treasure forever.

Don't forget to watch the 92nd Miss America pageant tomorrow night LIVE on ABC! I will be watching with a group of friends...celebrating one of my best friends birthday! I'm thrilled that she actually wants to eat Mexican food in, have some sangria & watch the pageant! A true friend! ;) 


Also, two prelim nights of the 2013 Miss America Week are in the books. Tonight is the last for preliminary competition.

Tuesday nights winners were:
Talent - Okalahoma   |   Swimsuit - South Carolina
Photo from MAO Facebook page

Wednesday nights winners were:
Talent - Maryland   |   Swimsuit - Illinois
Photo from MAO Facebook page

My Miss America Experience

During Miss America week, former local and state titleholders celebrate the tradition by sharing stories and posting photos on their social media sites. This week I've been uploading pics to my Facebook account and adding a few thoughts. I should have been putting these on my blog all along. So here we go, I'll start with the most recent...

Day 5 photo:
This photo brings a lot of memories, not only of my MA experience in Vegas, but of my childhood. The man my family is pictured with is my Uncle Jeff. He lost his battle to cancer that year (2008), four short months after he traveled to Las Vegas to cheer on his only niece. This man taught me how to tie my shoes, taught me how to laugh at life and to not take anything for granted. I think about him often...and also of all the other individuals who journeyed with me to MA! Whether you were physically there or not, I remember it like it was yesterday. Everyone's support, kindness and loving words is one major aspect which helps each girl get through that long week. So thank you for those who supported me and those who continue to encourage each young woman today.

 Day 4 photo:
Fourth photo: I struggled with whether or not I should share this picture. I hope it doesn't offend anyone. The Miss America Organization Pageant began as a swimsuit competition over 90 years ago! Looking at these photos reminds me to be confident in who I am & as a woman! I walked on-stage in front of hundreds in a bikini & heels. It is motivation to live a healthy lifestyle; in mind, body & spirit. This reminds me…I should get back to the gym, it’s only been 8 months since I had a baby!

 Day 3 photo:
As a "miss local" or "miss state" you are given many opportunities to work in your community, touch lives, change lives, promote and be an advocate for an issue of your choice. During my year, I championed CHARACTER COUNTS! Official Page...Change Our World: Build Character. I also loved working with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and meeting special people and little survivors. So here are two photos...first is of myself & Diana Reed (Miss Iowa). We both presented at the National CC! Conference in Cali, pictured with Michael Josephson (founder). The second photo is of a visit to Nationwide Children's Hospital, where I met sweet Brendon. 

Day 2 photo:
In FL for Miss America's Outstanding Teen with (L to R) Miss New Hampshire (Rachel Barker), Miss Oklahoma (Makenna Smith), Miss Kentucky (Kaitlynne D. Postel), Miss Delaware (Brittany Newman), Miss Iowa (Diana Reed), Miss New Jersey (Amy Polumbo), Miss Connecticut (Dana Daunis) & Miss Maryland (Shana Powell).

Day 1 photo:
Did you know it's Miss America Organization Week?! What does this mean for Miss Ohio 2012- Elissa McCracken? She has been in Las Vegas representing the Great State of Ohio, vying for the job of Miss America 2013. If I could turn back the clocks, I would want my shot again. "MA Week" is a life changing event & an incredible honor. Elissa is among some of the most talented, intelligent & accomplished young women of her generation. I can't believe it's been five years since I was blessed to be in that group...it has forever changed my life, bettered me & provided a means to pay for my education. I could go on & on about my experience & what the MAO program stands for, but instead I want to do a "photo a day" which will lead up to the live telecast of MA (on ABC THIS coming Saturday). First photo: at the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Gala, pictured with (L to R) Miss America 2008 (Kirsten Haglund), Miss Louisiana (Amanda Joseph May), Miss Washington (Elyse Umemoto), & Miss Vermont (Rachel Ann Cole).

2013 Miss America Week

And so it begins! The 2013 preliminary Miss America competition starts in Vegas tonight! I SO wish I was there. I was able to attend two consecutive years after I competed, but haven't been back since Miss America 2010...when Erica was our rep and Caressa Cameron was crowned. Whew...time flies.

Here is the run down of the contestant line-up:

Elissa held her interview yesterday (Monday) afternoon and the judges will see her for the first time on-stage this evening as she competes in talent. She will be playing the piano. I'm sure it will be a great performance...break a leg, Miss Ohio!

Here is a line-up which includes the contestants headshots...who do you think will take prelims in swimsuit & talent?

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Miss America week 2013 is upon us! I seriously, seriously, truly can't believe it. It's been five incredible years since I held the honor of representing Ohio on the Miss America stage...five fantastic Miss Ohio's later! Elissa gets her shot this week, to become Miss America! 

Be sure to vote for her as America's Choice! She could have the chance to be placed in the Top 15, or is it 16?! ;-) Click the photo above, or click HERE to vote.
Not much has changed with the contestants schedule while in Vegas. The photo above (from MOSP) shows Elissa's itinerary. Go get 'em Miss Ohio!!!

Watch Miss America NEXT Saturday, January 12th on ABC!!!