Here she is! My big 3 month old/young baby girl!

The photo quality isn't great on these because I've been stalking the Crystal Jo Foto proofing site and just copied them. Tee hee.

But I can't resist showing off my lil one!

4 months left in 2012?! I can't believe it. Lately, I feel the need to step back and prioritize. I feel as though we are "crazy busy" but what's new?!

Baby girl is 15 weeks young today...3 months and 13 days! She had her 3 month photo shoot last week. Don't you worry, I will share photos as soon as we get them. We had an OSU theme, of course. We also used the crib blanket that my mom made for her nursery, as a backdrop. So excited to see all the pics by none other than Crystal Jo Foto!

We also took baby girl to the fair (Ohio State Fair) but not many photos were snapped. It was HOT the day we went so we kept her in the shade or air conditioning most of the time. But she was a trooper.

She got to meet my Godparents for the first time. They were anxious to see her and I was excited to catch up with Mike and Judy! They are just awesome. We hope to road trip to GA next year to see them and venture to Savannah!

Baby girl also got to meet Kasey for the first time the other evening! Kasey and her hubs are expecting a little bundle of joy all their own in January 2013! I think she is having a boy!

My grandmother is coming into town this weekend, all the way from Utah! Munchy Girl (one of my many nicknames for her) is really looking forward to meeting great grandma Mamita!

I also had the opportunity to shoot a video for my church last week. The video is to be used on their website as a 'Welcome.' I did not get an ETA but I will keep you posted once the video is up on the GCCN site.

If you're just dying to see a video, you can check out THIS VIDEO! It's baby girls dedication at the church. It's around the 19 min/45 second mark! It was a special day for us, as it was also the last day for the pastor who dedicated her...we miss you, Rob (and Monica)!

Blessings to you 'til next time.
Last week, the entertainment industry lost a great individual in Marvin Hamlisch.

Mr. Hamlisch was a New Yorker at heart but his was stolen by a girl in Ohio. When he wed a Columbus native, his ties to the state and the Miss Ohio Scholarship Pageant began.

Each year Mr. Hamlisch provided a scholarship to MOSP. Noted as the Marvin Hamlisch Grand Talent Award, it went to former Miss Ohio's like Tiffany Haas and Amanda Beagle. Many local titleholders were also saluted with the scholarship.

Of course we all hope, but it is unknown to me if his organization will continue giving to MOSP.

Marvin Hamlisch, 1944 - 2012

Mr. Hamlisch played a role (pun intended) in many off-Broadway and Broadway hits. He was an award winning composer...Academy, Tony, Emmy, Golden Globe & Grammy. You name it, he won it. One of my favorites is A Chorus Line. "One singular sensation..."

And it's August...where did July go?!?!

Let's see...a week after Miss Ohio 2012 was crowned, Miss South Central Ohio Teen was crowned! I judged the pageant this year. Last year I helped to organize it. With Baby Claire, I wasn't sure how much time I'd have to devote to the pageant and girls. I'm on board and have been asked to be an assistant director for Miss SCO Teen!

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Then it was off to Florida for me and my familia! We spent one and a half wonderful weeks by the beach before I had to head back to work.

So, that's where July went! Work! This is my fourth week at my new job with the university. And I'm loving it. Did I all ready mention that I went into labor the day I was supposed to start this new job?! Makes for a good story!

Also, we decided to not hold Camp Sharp this year (sad, sad face). I had Claire in May and Stephanie got married in June. With our crazy schedules and only having six girls registered, we decided to save our energy and devote time to raising more funds and awareness for camp in 2013.

Let's see, what else...baby girl will be THREE months in two days! It's so hard to believe. Time truly does fly. Everyone says that and it's the truth. We always have the camera in her face taking video and pictures to capture all of those special moments. She's probably all ready sick and tired of the camera, sorry toots! Ha.

She stands now. Assisted standing, of course. Her dad supposedly stood when he was around 3 weeks old. They're over-achievers! Ha. She LOVES to talk to you (cooing and gurgling of course), laugh (scream/squeal) and smile! She likes music. She LOVES to be outside. She just discovered her doggie and likes to watch her run around the backyard. She sleeps! The other night we laid baby girl down between 10 and 10:30pm and she didn't wake up until after 9am the next morning! #ThankYouBabySleepGods

To round out the summer, over the next couple of weeks, we'll be visiting friends and family who are traveling to Ohio. Can't believe the first OSU football game is in 4 weeks! Wahoo!

I'm adding a pic from our vaca as well as baby's 1 month and 2 month photos!

Be blessed.