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Even though I don't write as often, it's nice to see that number rise. It's nice to know there's someone out there watching! Smile. 

Baby A is due "really any day now." Doctor's words exactly. But that's a loaded statement. That could mean in two days or twenty days! Our official due date is only twenty days away! *Gasp*

It feels like we just found out we're expecting, but at the same time the past 9 1/2 months have taken their sweet time. Did you know the "pregnancy marathon" is actually 10 months long?! Not those silly 9 months, like they say in the movies. Do the math, 40 weeks = 10 months. Not 9. Wonder who the genius is misleading all of us pregnant ladies! Kidding. 

Baby's room is finished. Car seat is installed. Hospital bag is 50% packed. I think we're "ready." As ready as we can be...

I'm co-hosting one of my best friends bridal showers this weekend! She's a June bride...and her wedding festivities are just beginning! I was also asked to sing during the Survivor Ceremony at the Columbus Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure again this year. I was absolutely honored to be asked and would have been thrilled to participate, but guess what day the event is? May 19! Yep, I'm thinking {hoping} I'll have a newborn by then! I, begrudgingly, had to pass. BUT...I'm hoping our current Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen can do it...the fabulous Kelsey Barrett!

We celebrated our third year of marriage last night by going back to the same restaurant where we ate right after we were engaged! Hadn't been there since...4 years ago!

So that's life right now. Patiently waiting for my little miracle to arrive.

Here we are pictured at 37 weeks, 5 days...my friend, Megan, took this at work yesterday!
Be Blessed...
I'm sorry I have not written on the blog since the middle of February. Life has really been busy, as you can imagine, making a baby and all!

We've had plenty of family events and birthdays. We began taking our "childbirth and education" classes...because you can never be "too prepared" to bring new life into the world; I celebrated my birthday, met up with Miss Ohio 2010 (Becky), started planning one of my best friends bridal showers, fixed dinner for a long lost friend many of you know (Kasey Wilson), had dinner with Miss Ohio 2011 (Ellen), and...just celebrated Baby A with our very own baby shower!

You've seen in posts below that we don't know Baby A's gender, so we are keeping everything very neutral with clothing and the nursery, etc. The neutral feel was carried over into the shower with turquoise and orange...and duckies!

We held the shower this past weekend and we are SO blessed. We can't thank everyone enough for making me, Steve and Baby A feel so loved. It makes us so happy to know that you are also excited for the arrival of this little miracle.

Saturday was full of family, friends, fun, laughter, food, gifts and overall enthusiasm to simply join together for Baby A. Baby amazes me everyday it grows. I can't fathom how he or she will be once they're "outside" the womb. It's going to be a blast!

This week marks the last of my bi-weekly doctor's appointments. I then begin seeing the doc on a weekly basis...only 6ish weeks left (give or take)! I will also be attending the second quarterly meeting for the BBB Center for Character and Ethics committee. Then...it's Easter!

In the coming weeks, I will be taking on less. Everything I read states to try to sleep and relax as much as possible before D-Day. PLUS, with all the goodies we received at the shower, we need the extra "down" time to figure out where we're going to put everything!

 Me with grandma & Aunt Faye.
 Martha, Elizabeth & me.
 My amazing Mansfield family. Chaperon, Phyllis & "host" mom, Lorrie!
 Some of the girls, Crystal & Steph, with me, Aunt Kelly & Aunt Jamie!
 Two of the grandma's!
 All of the grandma's!

~James 1:17~  <- - new favorite Bible verse
Oh, I need a post for our maternity photos! When I asked hubs about getting these pics, he said "Do I need to be there?" Haha.

Melissa Pauquette Photography snapped a couple shots of us and the baby belly a few weeks ago. I felt like I was cheating on Crystal Jo Foto, but she assured me it was "ok." CJO Foto will be taking our birth photos, newborn photos and family photos this year! So, I'm ok with "branching" out and trying someone different this one time. ;)

We spent an hour or so in the Short North area of Columbus. It was a beautiful sunny morning for our pictures. We think Melissa did a great job and we'll cherish these photos, which captured moments of us loving on our baby even before he or she is here, forever.