Hey! This is "My Life" and it's my blog...so I'm going to write about my baby! Today, let's talk about "the" nursery! It's still a work in progress. We have all the pieces and parts, we just need to put it all together now.

I posted a photo with a taste of nursery inspiration a while back. Here's everything coming to life a little...

Original ideas for fabric:

Fabric for curtains come to life:

 My mamacita made these fabulous curtains!

Original idea for a chair:
The comfy glider we picked (this isn't "the" one but it looks almost identical)
                                 My mama did not make this chair. ;)

We thought we wanted an all dark/espresso crib for baby, but still something clean-cut:
We ended up falling in love with this crib:
This is "the" crib, minus all the girly stuff (we think Baby A is a boy). Oh boy!

I'm also working on a cool wall art project for baby's room...which includes balloons and the alphabet! Dad will be working on the dresser which we all ready own. He's going to update the look slightly with new hardware and add a changing station! Will show before and after pics of that when it's done.

I don't know what's going on in pageant land...except that MY Miss America roommate is expecting, too! She's due TWO days after me! AND...OUR Miss America is getting married this summer! We plan to meet up in Michigan with our newborns and be each other's dates for the future Mrs. big day!

Tata for now...thanks for reading!