I'm at work, munching on left over chips and guac from Chipotle and thought I'd blog!

Busy, busy, busy. There's never a dull moment in my life! First, I wanted to share some photos from the Weinandy Wedding. I shot Margaux (Love her name!) and Adam with Crystal Jo Foto back in September. This was such a fun wedding and it was practically held in my backyard! Here are some of the awesome shots I took:

There's more where these came from...check out the CJoFoto Blog!

And then...remember that "something exciting" I wanted to tell you about? Well, I think most of you all ready knew...I went to cheer on my friend and Miss Ohio sister, Becky Minger, as she competed in the 2011-2012 Miss Ohio USA competition! I made that drive to Portsmouth and got to catch up with some wonderful people before getting comfy in my seat for the 2 hour show!

The production was really neat, they held the Miss and the Teen competition simultaneously! It made for an exciting show and it flowed really well.

Becky came in as 3rd runner-up! She should be so proud! She was nervous...believe it or not! She had no reason to be, she's an amazingly talented, beautiful and accomplished young woman! She deserved that spot in the Top 5...hey, she was my new Miss Ohio USA! ;)

Also...Cecili Weber came in as 1st runner-up in the Teen division! Remember a couple of months ago, I helped organize a local pageant in my hometown which was a prelim to the Miss Ohio Teen USA pageant? Our winner (Miss GC/South Central Ohio Teen) was 4th runner-up this past weekend...way to go Alexis Laurine!

Here are some photos:

My sister-in-law is getting married this weekend! Wohoo! She's going to be the future Mrs. G.! Onto bigger and better things for her and her new husband! I'm in the wedding...very excited to wear my purple dress! I'll share pictures next week.

Blessings to you until next time...
It's about time for some wedding photos! We shot the Longman wedding in mid-September at Taylor Manson...with Crystal Jo Foto! Here are some shots I got:

I think I took this one. Ha. 
These were funny. Light Girl and Crystal Jo were showing the bride and groom what they wanted them to do...
I took the one in the middle. 
Again, I took the one in the middle.
I don't think the CJoFoto crew has any fun at weddings.

We shot two weddings that weekend. I'm sure photos of the second wedding aren't too far behind. 
We'll help my sister-in-law celebrate her upcoming nuptials at her bacherlorette party in Columbus this weekend. Should be fun! My lil sis had her freshman homecoming dance this past weekend...I did her hair! Aw, so pretty. BUT...we didn't take any pics. How silly of us. Next week I'll participate and snap photos at the 2011 Ohio Schools of Character Summit. There's another exciting event in about two weeks that I'm anticipating sharing with you...but I'll test your patience!

Love & blessings 'til the next blog...