The Miss Ohio CMNH Bike Tour begins tomorrow & I'm looking forward to being able to ride a few miles with Miss Ohio 2011, Ellen Bryan!

I haven't been training so this should be interesting. I work out and can run a decent stretch, but biking is a whole different story. And I know our Miss Ohio has been diligent about preparing for the bike tour, so hopefully I can keep up. It will also be amusing because the bike I'm riding is not mine...so wish me luck! Wish US luck!

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We held a yard sale this weekend...and I'll never do it again! It's SO much work. Too much work for the outcome. Salvation Army is getting a nice donation this week!

There are a few items I really want to sell/need to sell. Suits never go out of fashion...for pageant contestants! These suits are perfect for fall/winter appearances and were only ever worn a few times each. The white one I even wore at Miss America! Oh...and they no longer fit me!

The Jessica Simpson hair extensions were a mistake. A friend of mine helped me purchase them and they ended up being blonde on the ends! She said "Just dye your hair to match." Are you kidding?!

Here are the BRAND NEW hair extensions...on craigslist.

Express suit...on craigslist or on Facebook.

Guess suit...on craigslist or on Facebook

Email me at missoh07@yahoo.com if you or someone you know may be interested in any of these items! I also still have a ton of gowns I'd like to sell and see go to a "good home." I hope to share those this week. Otherwise, those will get donated to Cinderella's Closet Columbus!

Blessings for a good week!

Steve and I try to go to the Ohio State Fair every year! He likes the 4-H building, I like the horses. He likes the nature area, I like the "flea markets." We both like the food. The entertainment is pretty good, too. We spent 4 hours at the fair before finally sitting down to watch the "Miss Ohio Veterans Road Show" where Miss Ohio, Ellen Bryan, was hosting and singing. Here are some pics:

We attended a family wedding the other weekend. My uncle, who happens to be SEVEN years younger than me, tied the knot! I also started planning my sister-in-laws bridal shower. Oh, and I got a promotion at work. So that's fun! I will be at liberty to share more about my promotion next week.

Miss Ohio is in Orlando cheering on Ohio's Outstanding Teen, Kelsey Barrett! I hope to bike with Ellen on her bike tour, for Children's Miracle Network, in a couple of weeks. I have a bike that was handed down to me by Steve's grandmother. It's a very old bike, easily 20+ years old. Does anyone out there have a road bike I could borrow for one day this month? If so, please email me at missoh07@yahoo.com.

Have a blessed week.