Busy days call for relaxing days.  From Miss Ohio week, to our first wedding of the season, to the Fourth of July...to time to relax!  That's just what the doctor ordered...

I was jealous this past weekend when CrystalJoFoto shot their second wedding and I couldn't be a part of it, because we were traveling back to hot and sticky O.H.I.O.  Pictures from our first wedding are up and ready to view: CJFoto Blog

Here are some shots I snapped:

We were counting down the days to our vacation, a much needed vacation for myself and Steve!  Seven days in the Gulf of Mexico...yes, please!  We made a ten hour trip on day one to Atlanta where we stayed with my God parents.  They are such wonderful people.  They opened up their home to us and cooked a nice meal...it had been since our wedding when we last saw them, so it really was great.  Then we made the last nine hours down to LBK!  We are all ready booked for next year!  Can't wait!  Here are some photos of our trip:

 Can you see the bee?
 Dinner with grandparents & friends at the Oyster Bar. (I don't know why Al is giving the #1 sign? The wine, maybe?)
You can't tell in this shot, but there was a double rainbow! (Nice photo Steve.)

We are all set for the second annual Camp Sharp for Girls day this Saturday!  We have fifteen girls registered, praying they all arrive.  We are able to provide transportation for the girls this year, we hope this will ensure that they'll be there with us.  Last year we had eleven girls signed up but not all showed.  It's free to the girls who attend, and we think that because there was no obligation, they didn't have to spend any money, that on camp day they thought "eh" and maybe decided not to go. 

We are still looking for donations for Camp Sharp.  We are in the process of filing for our 501(c)3 non-profit status.  Please email campsharp@yahoo.com if you or someone you know is able to contribute!  Keep us in your prayers!  Will share photos of CS next week.
Pretty cool story... click the links below. The new Miss South Carolina has determination:

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Pardon my blogger absence. I've been preoccupied enjoying life! Hope you all are enjoying your summers!

God's mercy is new every day, because it is needed daily.