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Those were the words I had the honor to say on Saturday night!

Wow! Another woman has been welcomed into the sisterhood of Miss Ohio's. What a grand evening it was!

I still cannot get over how quickly last week came and went. I won't lie, last week was one I had been dreading for a while. Between working, taking care of the house and hubby, prepping for emceeing the first night of Miss Ohio prelims, emceeing for finals night, planning the former's reception and helping to organize a local teen pageant in my hometown AND emcee for that, and Father's Day...dread. Happy things but BUSY things.

But it all worked out. I loved every second of last week. And it was over too quick.

We're all ready half way thru this week and my grandmother celebrates her 75th birthday tomorrow!! Another friend celebrates his bday Friday. Camp Sharp is holding a car wash to raise money for  our second annual camp day! The car wash is Saturday at 9:30am...camp day is July 23! I also begin shooting the wedding season with Crystal Jo Foto Saturday night. Sunday I'm anticipating going to church for the first time in 2 or 3 weeks!

We're 4 weeks away from Camp Sharp day and 15 DAYS away from my VACATION! Wait? Vacation? Roberta, didn't you just go to California?! Yes...Steve and I are so blessed. I think Steve is trying to make it up to me, the fact I didn't get to go to Vegas this year; so in February (right AFTER Miss America) we booked our Cali trip and FL trip!

But...I'm going off on a tangent...back to Miss Ohio!

That night FLEW by! Built up anticipation, excitement, planning...and it's over! We have a new Miss Ohio! Ellen Bryan! She is going to make a FANTASTIC Miss Ohio!                       
I have many thank you's to send out. The first is to my husband: Steve traveled to Mansfield with me and helped me the entire day! He even set up the former Miss Ohio's reception! Also, thank you Lorrie for taking time out of your day to let us borrow the vases and giving us beautiful flowers for our reception! Melanie, thank you for the cupcakes and for your help and support in getting the reception ready! We had 11...ELEVEN...amazing former Miss Ohio's in attendance this year! We started this tradition last year, bringing our sister's together to welcome in a new one. There were six women in attendance last year and we had a great showing this year. Thank you:   
Karissa Martin (2008)
Melanie Murphy-Miller (2006)
Marlia Fontaine-Weisse (2005)
Tiffany Baumann-Cantelupe (1999)
Kelly Creager (1998)
Renee Autherson-Brown (1992)
Sarah Evans-Tackett (1988)
Melissa Bradely (1984)
Susan Perkins-Botsford (Miss Ohio 1977/Miss America 1978)
Jackie Mayer (Miss Ohio 1962/Miss America 1963)

Thank you to Coni Dalhamer for all your help backstage! I could NOT have done that show with out you there to zip me up and remind me to put on more lipstick! You are always such a pleasure to work with. Thank you John Kunkel, Mark Schnitkey, and Terri Bednarz for allowing me to be a part of this years show. It was truly a highlight of my year. 

I also need to thank Betsy Stevenson of Elizabeth Ashleigh Designs (Substance Lofts in Columbus) and Henri's Megastore at Polaris for allowing me to wear their dresses/gowns! I felt like a million bucks in those things! 
I could go on-and-on about Miss Ohio! But there's one other thing I'd like to share...a new Camp Sharp video! Stephanie (the Sharp of Camp Sharp) had this idea for our new website! Instead of doing a generic "About Us" section or "About Stephanie" section, she wanted to make a video. I think this thing is awesome! Thank you Doug Carraway and Jason Hart for helping to make our website so sweet!

Holy cow, Miss Ohio Week 2011 has started and I can't believe it!

My phone died last night, I use it as my alarm every morning. Because of its untimely death, I was still sound asleep at 6:10am...oops! Hopefully that wasn't a sign of what is to come this week. Lord...I have too much going on to be messing it all up! Lots of praying for my sanity...and for the sanity and health of the 2011 Miss Ohio contestants! Right?!

The Miss Ohio contestants have all ready been so busy, in only their fourth full day in Sunny Mansfield! Some of them met the judges for the first time today in their private interviews!

For all things Miss Ohio, check out Miss Ohio's Facebook page, Miss Ohio's Twitter, and a devoted fan/former contestants blog: Abby Bollenbacher!

Also...go to: MissOhioPhotos.com for thousands of pics from this weeks happenings! I'm looking forward to some excitement myself as I travel to Mansfield on Wednesday to co-host the first night of competition with my friend, Becky! It's going to tear me up inside to not be there Thursday and Friday but I'll be back to welcome another sister on Saturday night as Miss Ohio 2011 is crowned! Blessings to you all...

Pictures from the Miss Mansfield / Miss North Central Ohio / Miss Mansfield's Outstanding Teen send-off party:
Me & Ashley, Miss Mansfield (my "little" sister)
Isabelle, Heather (Miss North Central Ohio), Ashley (Miss Mansfield) & Me
Me with Heather & Ashley

I've known Ashley since 2005! She really is like a "little sister" to me. Watching her grow and mature through the Miss Ohio program has been wonderful. She is such a beautiful sweet young lady and I wish her luck on the Miss Ohio stage!

I have had a few opportunities over the past 3 years to get to know Heather, who is so driven. She has accomplished so much and has experienced a lot on her journey. Nothing but good things to say about this young woman. I know both of them will rock-it at Miss Ohio next week!

This goes for all the 2011 Miss Ohio contestants...don't make it easy for those judges! YOU are your own competition...don't worry about the other girls. Everyone is there for the same reasons: to have fun, challenge themselves, and possibly win the job of Miss Ohio. 

I will be praying for each and every one of you amazing young women, to just have the best experience you possibly can...and for good health, of course! See all you next week!

If you've looked at my Facebook page recently you would know that I am helping organize the first ever Miss South Central Ohio Teen pageant...a prelim to the Miss Ohio Teen USA pageant!

I was approached by two old friends a couple of months ago who wanted to start this local pageant. We held our final information session last night and at each of these info sessions, we've been able to give potential contestants insight to not only the Miss Teen USA/Miss USA pageant system; but also the Miss Ohio/Miss America organizations!

We've had our ups and downs in the process of planning this pageant and we are excited for June 19, 2011! We have four great judges, currently 15 wonderful contestants, a fabulous facility in Grove City to host the event, and a wonderful strong Christian woman to come speak to these young ladies! All of this planning has been eventful, but the other directors and myself just have to keep reminding ourselves why we are doing this.

We want this competition to be FUN for these young women. We want them to enjoy their time and get a small glimpse into what it's like to compete. We want it to be an "introduction" into pageants. We've asked them to wear homecoming dresses, dresses all ready in their closets, or borrow dresses for their evening gown competition. We do not want them or their families spending any money! The winner can choose to use her prize money and go onto compete at the 2011 Miss Ohio Teen USA pageant in October, if she wants to or not.

I also have the honor to emcee this program on Father's Day! Yes...it's the day after our new 2011 Miss Ohio will be crowned in Mansfield. I will surely get my fix of pageantry that weekend! Pray for me. ;)

We are continually looking for sponsors to place ads in our program book. Please email me at: missoh07@yahoo.com if you or someone you know is interested in placing an ad, and I can provide you with price information. Or you can email southcentralohioteen@yahoo.com if you have other questions.

Our Official Miss SCO Teen Photographer is Tasha Braniff Photography! We are trying to keep this program as "local" as possible and Tasha is a perfect match as she is a hometown girl, too.

We are picking out the winners crown this weekend...which do you suggest: tiara style or crown style? "Crown style" is more like a MAO crown and is flat on top and needs pins to secure it. "Tiara style" is similar to what the current state teen winner is wearing in her photo (above).

Shooting With Crystal Jo Foto

I'm excited for another wedding season with Crystal Jo Foto! Last summer, all the weddings we worked were amazing but I must say, the Vestal wedding was one of my favorites! The bride was stunning in her grandmother's wedding gown! Above are a couple of pictures I snapped. Not jumping the gun too soon though, our first wedding isn't until the end of this month. I hope I am as "on" this year as I was at this wedding...good stuff!