The ghost of pageant past...

If I had my Miss America interview to do over again, number one, there are a lot of things I would say differently BUT I'd also wear something different. What do you think?

The Ellen Tracy zipper front dress. Too much? Just enough? Ladies getting ready to compete: I'm signed up with HauteLook.com. The dress above is on sale this week for the amazingly affordable price of $55! I'm a bargain shopper and when those competition wardrobe items start adding up, a dime saved here and a dollar saved there can also start to add up. Check out HauteLook.com or other similar sites where you can be sure to see savings.

This is what I wore...a dark red two piece skirt suit with a bow/tie on the front of the jacket from Nordstrom. Speaking of savings, this was sponsored by my wonderful Uncle Steve (or Stefan) from London!

Oh and I loved my shoes, too. I remember my first year competing at Miss Ohio, Kristen Swinehart was my roommate and she wore OPEN TOE heels with her interview outfit! How dare she? She went on to be 1st runner-up at Miss Ohio! Ahh ha ha...little did we all know that the trend and style of Miss America and MAO would change so quickly. Here's that shoe...

It looks white in this pic but it's more of a light bone color, and oh how I still love this shoe. But, if I were to wear a zipper dress like the one above, I think I'd pair it with something like this Nine West pump...

I was never one for the fugly dark nude interview heel! They looked like character shoes on crack!

These shoes are getting better now and I LOVE that minds are opened and more lenient when it comes to wardrobe in the interview room. I'm so happy to see we are able to express our individuality more, even if it is with what we are wearing...

If you were competing in a pageant and had your interview today, what would you wear?
What to blog about? I've been absent quite a while. I have a feeling this blog entry will not be the typical cheery update from Roberta...however, life has been anything but calm.

The last 3 weeks have presented themselves with gusto and vigor...it's been rough, to say the least. I celebrated another birthday. I caught up with old friends. I planned. I cried. I laughed. I comforted.

Life is so challenging, yes? Just as this blog is titled, my life is no dress rehearsal. I'm blessed with an amazing husband and a supportive mother. Great family and friends. But things can change in an instant...making life feel so complicated.


It all seems so trivial, to see all of these things my loved ones have been experiencing, then to see everything happening in Japan...

I pray daily and keep moving forward. That's all we can do, right? It's never too late to get back up again.This is getting deep...

I've also been promoted at work. That's groovy. There are a LOT of behind the scenes "things" going on right now...a la the internet! I'm looking forward to sharing more with my readers in the coming weeks/months.

After you attend the Miss Ohio Sweeps pageant on Saturday, go to Melanie Miller's "send-off" to Mrs. America this Sunday...

I will lift my eyes to the maker, of the mountains I can't climb.
I will lift my eyes to the calmer, of the oceans raging wild.
I will lift my eyes to the healer, of the hurt I hold inside.
I will life my eyes, lift my eyes to You...
First quarterly Camp Sharp newsletter! Also, www.campsharp.org coming to you soon!It's IHOP National Pancake Day. Have you been to IHOP yet to get your free pancakes and make a donation to Children's Miracle Network? I'm going this evening with Steve and my brother-in-law! There's finally one in the Columbus area! Breakfast for dinner, yum!

It's my birthday week! It's been a great couple of days all ready! Steve installed our new ceiling fan light fixtures and I love them! I'll share pics because you MUST see what was there before in order to appreciate...OLD shiny gold chandelier candelabra "thing!"

Also, a few pics from a baby "sprinkle" I went to a couple weekends ago...fun! The idea was a baby SHOWER for the first and a SPRINKLE for the second. Get it?! ;)

Raspberry almond and lemon cupcakes, homemade with love by the guest of honors Aunt!
Me with the guest of honor and her mom!

Other than the above, work, birthday, and trying to enjoy life a little more in this new year...not too much to report. I can't believe it's all ready March!

I'm also anticipating this CD for my birthday: Francesca Battistelli One of her new songs has lyrics I think deserve a mention: "You will never be perfect but you're still worth it, you've gotta just believe, God is bigger..."