Mmm picture time!

I'm about to head to a college wide chili cook-off! Yum! But before I go, I wanted to share a few pictures of mine...I've known this photographer since high school but have become more acquainted with him over the past year or so as he is trying to branch out of wedding photography to do more. Just more...

I was a "model" for a workshop he held last year for Ohio photographers to work with Zack Arias! Totally fun.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting his beautiful wife, Emerald, for the first time the day we shot. She's the one with the cool blog: Sunday Crossbow! We really had a lot of fun that day, even though we were freezing! She really impressed me when she went all out, took her coat off and posed for pictures in a sleeveless dress! Her pictures turned out stunning.

Emerald and I would text and email non-stop for about two weeks leading up to the shoot. I felt like we were kindred spirits...I think she has that effect on folks! ;)

This little kitty was awesome and loved the barn! I think his name is Thomas, if I remember right. Of course we had to get a photo with the pitchfork and the kitty!

You may notice in this next pic, the skirt looks very familiar. I wore it with a matching corset top during the M.O. 2010 show last summer! Who would have thought to pair it with a white peasant top and cowboy boots?!We tried to go a little fancier with wardrobe and I paired a basic gray turtleneck with a "fluffy" shiny maroon tool skirt I've had for a few years now! Em let me borrow her clutch.
You should definitely keep up with Jared, the amazing photographer! He's so much fun to work with...if you're in love, getting married or just want to be creative! Or you can email him here: jaredwilliamson@me.com.

I'm excited to meet up with Melanie Miller, yes your NEW Mrs. Ohio America, this weekend! She's going to be very busy these next few weeks preparing for Mrs. America and I'm thankful she's squeezing me into her calendar to help me brainstorm and prepare for the second annual Former Miss Ohio's cocktail hour/get together!
And...wishing my beautiful mother a very happy and blessed birthday today! Thank you for always being there for me mom, you deserve the best day and year!

I think that's all, for now! Blessings 'til next time!
This very moment, one year ago, we brought our sweet little puppy home from the shelter! Our cousin who is an agent for the Capital Area Humane Society knew we were on the hunt for a critter and she knew we wanted to "rescue." We got call after call and were looking online tirelessly, until finally, there was Carmen!

Carmen was "Kayla" when we first met her, a tiny black baby bear all alone in the middle of white shreds of paper everywhere! We were so happy to meet her and thrilled when we heard she would be ours!

The first night we had her home, Feb. 12, 2010, it took me more than 2 hours to fall asleep because I just knew she would cry. Nope...perfect from the beginning. We have had so much fun with our little puppy, who isn't so little anymore. Sure she has nicknames of Putz, Dummy and crazy animal but she's really added a lot of joy to our lives.

We brought her home at 2.5 months, and we celebrated her 1st birthday this past December! And now we're celebrating our "one year anniversary" together! She really has made this year memorable...it's been a great year!

Here are a few pictures through the past twelve months:
Still at the shelter, waiting to come home!Finally home and ready to play!
On one of her first walks, she loves the snow.Probably 5 or 6 months old here...she actually still fit on my lap, not so much anymore.One of my favorites, she's very patient in front of the camera. This was summer of 2010, probably 9 or 10 months.Giving (and getting) anniversary hugs!
You aren't too big Carmen, you're still our puppy!

A few updates!

Please check out Emerald's blog when you get a chance! It's a "Style Blog" and I think my readers will really enjoy her take on fashion, great finds, trends; etc.

She recently blogged "Violet Hour" in which she wears a violet dress, in a barn, with a friend...me!

Mind you, it was somewhere between twenty and thirty degrees the day we shot. Luckily our friends home was 10 short steps away, when we needed a quick warm up.

The idea behind the shoot is hollywood glam / country chic. I spent a lot of time brainstorming what I wanted to emote in the photos and at first I thought "broken beauty queen" but after chatting with Emerald, the concept ended up being even better. This first photo makes me laugh, we were trying to look at each other without giggling and give each other what I like to call "gazer-beam eyes!" Em looks great, me on the other hand, I can see my smirk from here. I am really excited to see more of the photos, but here are two of Emerald and myself:It's great to be in front of the camera and behind the camera. I had no idea what image Jared, Em's hubby, was capturing but it sure is stellar!

Also this weekend Becky and I had the pleasure to venture out to cheer on our Miss Ohio sister, Melanie Murphy Miller, as she competed and WON the Mrs. Ohio America pageant! Becky and I really had no idea what to expect but were thrilled that Melanie walked away as the new Mrs. Ohio 2011.

Hopefully Melanie will have a little say in the show, script, performers, etc.; next year. It took 2.5 hours for seven ladies to compete! Us MAO folk know you can get through 20+ contestants in 2 hours or less! Other than the length of the show being LONG, we had a great time. For Becky and myself, it's always "different" to be sitting in the audience.

Congrats, Mel! Onto Mrs. America!I hope you like baby pictures because I've got more to share! Baby Norah was born at the end of January and we took her newborn photos when she was only 7 days old...aww! She was such a trooper with all the headband changes!

Happy Tuesday!
Alright blogger friends & readers: I must sell/purge/discard of many clothing items in the three closets at my house! That's right, I said THREE! Don't worry, they're small(ish)! But I need your help...

I've posted a few items on CraigsList, here:

VS Sweater Dress
Studio Y Cocktail Dress
Max & Cleo Cocktail Dress
One Shoulder Leopard Cocktail by Sele
Maggy London Cocktail Dress
Adrianna Papell Champagne Cocktail Dress
Two toned 'business' dress by Bailey Blue
Red/Black Halter Cocktail Dress

Also, I have a Facebook album with items that are still up for grabs, here:

My Dresses Album

All prices are negotiable! Everything must go by this spring, otherwise it's Plato's Closet & Goodwill time!

Holy moly, where has time gone?! Where did January go?!

The new year is off to a great start. We welcomed Norah Jane into the "family friends" group this weekend! She was 3 weeks early, but all is well with mom and new baby!

I am taking her newborn baby photos this weekend and am excited to use handmade headbands! They're so cute...we made them with materials from Hobby Lobby! Speaking of newborn pics, here are a couple I took of Baby Cameron a few weeks ago (he's 10 days old):

I had some pictures of my own taken this past weekend with the Wonderful Williamsons' (Jared and Emerald) and boy let me tell you, they are awesome! We were on location at...a barn! A beautiful, beautiful, huge barn! We went for this hollywood glam meets country chic feel! I am so excited to share (and see) some of the "final product!"

Also this weekend, Camp Sharp made a visit to Marmon Valley campgrounds in Zanesfield. We are really optimistic about the possibility to hold our 2nd annual girls camp at this site, which offers everything we could ask for to the girls we are reaching out to. The best part is, they have horses and horseback riding lessons! What 10 year old girl wouldn't be psyched about that?! We are visiting one other camp location, which is a little closer to Columbus than Zanesfield. But we are overjoyed about the possibilities that God will provide to CS this year! We hope to have a newsletter out in the next couple of weeks, keep you posted...

This weekend will be another busy one. The Miss Maple City pageant is holding its 20th anniversary on Saturday in Norwalk! I'm honored to be a part of the event as a guest and entertainer. I also have a big date on Sunday with Miss Ohio 2010! We will be in Columbus to cheer on our Miss Ohio sister, Melanie Murphy-Miller as she competes for the Mrs. Ohio America title!

Sending you mid-week blessings blogger friends!