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Boy am I biting my tongue! Of course as soon as I 'admit' to being good at 'picking' winners, I'm completely off. Did you notice, Miss Nebraska isn't even on my list below? I had trouble with the prelim winners because not always do they get a spot in the Top 15. I put Alabama in over Nebraska. Oops.

Teresa Scanlan, Miss America 2011, reminds me so much of Kirsten Haglund! Even the age "thing." Kirsten was 19 when she won Miss America. I even thought their dresses were very similar, long sleeve, white tones, jeweled, etc. And the blonde hair, not to mention the fabulous ability to speak so eloquently from the heart...making you feel like they are wise beyond their years.

I thought Becky looked amazing last night, each time the camera would pass her I kept saying "They're keeping the camera by her, she'll be next! She'll be next!" Sure enough, she wasn't called. I can only imagine the emotions that were running through Becky and the other contestants last night. You work so hard and dedicate so much of your time to this one goal, then to not make it can be torture. This was obviously not in God's plan for Becky. Holly & I said it lastnight, something bigger & better is in store for her.

I'm sure this young lady will represent MAO well! Photo of Miss America 2011 just after winning (from the Miss America Organization):
Side note...do you remember Miss Virginia moon walking during her talent last night?! Awesome...
I'm going to do it. After much hesitation & debate, I've decided "it's ok" to share my thoughts on who I think might make the Top 15 "cut" in the 2011 Miss America pageant!

It's been a while since I've done this, probably since Miss America 2007, when Melanie Murphy-Miller competed! Anyone who knows me, knows I am an optimist. I thought I would make the Top 16, I thought Karissa & Erica both would have been in the "top," but you never know.

I will brag a little here, I'm usually very good at picking the top contender...winner! This year, just like my year, it's been so hard to pin-point one young woman who I see IS Miss America. Katie Stam-Irk stood out, as well as our current Miss America, Caressa Cameron. I am bias, who are we kidding Ohio? We all are right now! When Becky spoke during her send-off party, she made me feel like she was Miss America. She is totally 100% completely ready and prepared to take on this job and she wants it. I hope her judges this year see that drive in her. Just like everyone else though, I am glad I'm not a judge!

I have continued to be involved with MOSP on various committee's and so forth. Therefore, I've been able to be entirely in the loop on all MA happenings this week. My list is based on bio, photos (candid & professional), videos, speaking ability, prelim wins at state & MA, and just 'gut' instinct if you will.

This is extremely difficult with only ever speaking to ONE contestant, that being Becky. We don't get to see their interviews and that's where the judges fall in love with these young women...but here goes nothing:

New York
Rhode Island
South Dakota

My 'bubbles' are: New Jersey, North Carolina and Texas.

Feel free to leave a comment with your list or thoughts! Off to Dayton...
Say this ten times fast:

Brooke Burke's Blog

You bet I'll be reading this over the weekend! Burke writes on how a mother's work is never done and it's an entertaining read of a blog as she prepares her "entourage" for a trip to Las Vegas. I get the feeling she's excited to host the Miss America pageant in Vegas. Hey, I'm excited to watch the Miss America pageant!

Steve and I won't be in Sin City, but we will be in Dayton, Ohio! Ahh ha ha! We're going to slum it with the Miss Ohio Booking Manager, Holly Campbell-Bradley, "her Steve" and a few other folks on Saturday night! I'll be sporting my camouflage Rocky (aka Becky) tshirt!

I also plan to keep tabs on the following:

Watch the 90th Anniversary Miss America pageant LIVE on ABC, this Saturday (Jan. 15th) @ 9PM EST!!! Go Becky, go! Love you girl!

I've got the inside scoop here!

I know wardrobe plays an important role when competing at Miss America. Even though you are not 'judged' on what you wear, you exude confidence if you are wearing a garment you feel powerful in. And confident is one thing Miss America must be. Because we are in the middle of Miss America Week madness, everyone is a buzz about "Who is wearing what?"

I've got pictures of Miss Ohio, Becky Minger, just after her private interview with the 2011 M.A. judges! Eyes closed & all, she looks radiant in this new Bebe by Kardashian dress! Can't wait to see her on that Miss America stage tonight...from my computer of course!
This wasn't her original pick for her interview outfit. She found it very last minute and she said as soon as she saw it "That's me." The rest was history. I'm sure she knocked it out of the park!

And so it has begun...Miss America 2011!

I talked to Becky on Wednesday night and she is in such good spirits! She's going to make Ohio proud!

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