Reflecting & reminiscing...

I told you I was getting new photos for a purpose. You'll see some of those in my portfolio, and some of them look like "head shots." Why would I need a new head shot you ask? This past Saturday, I put my character shoes on for a minute and auditioned for "Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat." I was in Joseph years ago at a community theater and played the role of one of the wives. The theater bug has been nipping at me lately so I thought to give it a shot.

I prayed and prayed about this opportunity. Whether or not I should even attempt it. What song should I sing? What should I wear? And of course the ultimate question, what do I do if I don't get a "part?" Ladies & gentlemen, I was offered to be in the "adult ensemble" which is, the chorus. Sadly, I didn't get a part.

After lots of prayer, I decided to decline the offer. It was with a heavy heart though. I wanted that to be something "big" for this upcoming year, but that's obviously not what God wants for me...& Steve. So we'll see what He has planned next for us.

This whole photography thing is really taking off. I'm getting really great feedback on some photos from recent shoots. Maybe that's the route I'm supposed to go. Maybe I'm supposed to join a church choir again. Who knows?! I'm ready whenever you are, Lord! ;)

It's Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! I'm excited for this holiday, and Christmas of course. This year has really gone by so fast. I traveled to Vegas for Miss America, celebrated one year of marriage to my amazing husband, graduated, went to D.C., and got a job! Wait, Roberta...what am I doing?! We've got FIVE weeks left in 2010, don't rush it! Ha!

This is a photo from 2005, I think! Our second Thanksgiving together! So this makes it our sixth!
The Smeck Family (Shot at Franklin Park Conservatory)

Annie & Finnigan (Shot at Darby Metro Park)
Have a happy & blessed Thanksgiving, all!
And it's November! Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is less than FOUR weeks away...ahh!

Last year my farther-in-law "allowed" me to make the green bean casserole for the family get together. I wonder what concoction he'll "let" me bring this year, now that I have this amazing kitchen to work with. I've been contemplating pumpkin pie...yum.

It feels like it's been longer than a week since I last blogged. Ugh, time is flying too quickly these days. I feel like I should have something HUGE to blog about, but life has been pretty "calm" lately. Whew. So what have I been up to? Steve & I "celebrated" our 1.5 year wedding anniversary with dinner at Barrio Tapas...again, yum!

We passed out candy for trick or treat night in my neighborhood. It was FREEZING out, I don't know how those little tikes did it! I had a few favorite costumes from the evening: a green dinosaur, a 3 year-old UPS man, & Super Mario & Luigi!

I've been happily busy at work. I'm the "Bucks for Charity" resource in my department for the upcoming holidays and I'm also coordinating the department holiday get together. Yes! I think event planning is in my blood. Some people hate it, I love it.

I finished shooting & editing my sister-in-laws engagement pictures. Whew! I don't know how the professionals do it. No, I know how they do it, that's ALL they do. Ha! I also had a family photo shoot over the weekend & I'm actually editing their images now. I've got TWO other shoots lined up. Everyone wants pics now, for the holidays! I'm lovin' it!

Speaking of pictures...I had a little mini photo shoot myself with my (personal) photographer! She'd laugh at me for calling her my personal photog. ;) Love you Crystal Jo! As soon as I get some photos back from her, I'll be sure to share some on the blog. There IS a reason of course that I'm taking more photos! Jeeze, a girl can never have enough photos! Ha! I hope to be able to share that "reason" with you in four weeks or so. Wink.

But for now you'll have to settle for my mad photographer skills:I think Genevieve is the new Gerber baby!