My apologies. It's been 10 days since I last blogged. Sorry about that.

A lot has been going on in my life lately, including shooting my last wedding, presenting a marketing campaign to a learning center here on campus, finishing up two of my three classes for the summer, hanging out and swimming with my baby sister (because I won't get the chance again this summer), finalizing details for my graduation party, holding the first annual Camp Sharp for Girls, and starting my new job!

As you can see, my blog has a new look. The previous gray one with branches disappeared on me. How do you like this one? I've uploaded a new "portfolio" picture that was taken by Bryce Bishop! Bryce has been a part of the Miss Ohio family forever and he's taken an interest in photography. He hung around in Columbus one day and we spent some time in the Arena District snapping pictures. It was a lot of fun. Click HERE if you'd like to see some of those.

I also created a small Facebook album of some of the shots I took at weddings this summer, click HERE if you'd like to look at those.

AND...I also created a new blog strictly for my News Media Writing and Editing course. If you read it, you may have no clue what's going on but for kicks and giggles here it is: http://osuberta2010.blogspot.com.

AND there's more...I did it. I tried Twitter and I linked it up to Facebook, so it's great. I was dreading having to post things twice but now I don't have to. Ahh the wonderful world of the internet. :) Follow me at http://twitter.com/missohio07!

As soon as I get some photos from Camp Sharp I will share them here. We had such a great day. It was SO hot! I think it was 95 degrees this past Saturday...and the entire time I was praying for no rain. Stephanie (the "Sharp" of Camp Sharp) and I are meeting this weekend to go over details from the camp and brainstorm for NEXT YEAR all ready, while everything is still fresh in our minds.

I feel like there's something I'm forgetting to write. I'm anxious to see Abby Bollenbacher's Missy Awards outcome! ...Blessings for your week.
I'm shooting my last wedding for the summer tomorrow. I do have one that is a ways away, in October. I've had a lot of fun going to all of these weddings and checking out what the brides dress looks like, the colors they chose, the little details and ideas and getting to capture some moments. I think I'll miss it a bit. Here are a few of my takes from a recent wedding we shot, I like to call this the "Kelly Green" wedding, because the bride's name is Kelly and she chose that color for her day!

My time will be booked up starting my new job at Ohio State University in less than two weeks and finishing up my LAST class of my undergraduate college education...news/media writing and editing! Less than 35 days left of classes! I'm finalizing plans for my "big" graduation party!

Steve celebrated his birthday last week. I took him to a Columbus Clipper's game! Check out the photo... :)~Peace & Love & Blessings~
This will be a rather quick post. I have to leave to shoot the Bloom/Crouch wedding with Crystal Jo Foto in an hour. Speaking of shooting weddings...here are some more of my shots from the Vestal wedding! :)

I am also doing a trial run of Twitter! I've told myself time & time again there's no point in it. In my opinion, you can do the same things plus more on Facebook. But nonetheless, I'm giving it a shot: www.twitter.com/missohio07/

Camp Sharp held a car wash fundraiser a couple of weeks ago & it was a huge success! We are holding our first annual camp for girls on July 24 in Westerville. Miss Ohio 2010, Becky Minger, will be making a quick appearance and Rob Paugh, youth pastor at GCCN, will be our event speaker.Check out Abby Bollenbacher's blog. She's doing something cool called the Missy Awards! Blessings to you all, 'til next time!
July already?! Time is flying! I'm done with week two of my five week summer classes and man are they intense! I've been beyond thankful this week...my grandmother had massive double bypass open heart surgery Wednesday morning! She is such a strong and healthy woman but any surgery is hard, let alone at the age of 73! She moves out of the ICU today. I can't wait to get back to the hospital tonight and maybe catch a little of Red, White & Boom with her - since her hospital is downtown. Yay!

CAMP SHARP is holding a car wash tomorrow morning as we continue to raise funds for our camp later this month! Click HERE for more info!

I also enjoyed taking photos of beautiful, little soon to be 2 year old - Abbie, last night! Steve and I hung out with Abbie and her parents at a local park last night and got some great shots! I didn't have time to edit any yet but I just LOVE this photo of her swinging!Everyone's got big festivities this weekend for the 4th! I hope everyone has a fun and safe Independence Day. Steve's birthday is next week. I've got something special planned for him, which I'll have to share with you after the fact but I'm looking forward to it.

I'll leave you with a few more wedding photos I took for Crystal Jo Foto!

Williams Wedding