Tomorrow is Monday, ugh. Fingers crossed that next week is better than this past week. I know we're supposed to have an occasional bad day but I haven't had a day like the past ten days, in a LONG time. That's ok though, I've held onto Jesus & everything is working itself out.

I will spare you all with the entire story but give you a quick synopsis: Summer classes started this week but I missed my first class on the first day because I did something I've never done before...locked my keys in my car! Got my mind off things & met Miss Ohio 2010, Becky Minger, at Bob Evans while she, her mother & sister were in town for a media tour. Found out all the classes I was enrolled in are full term & I start my job at the end of July. If you could put yourself in my place, I thought I was either going to A) not graduate or B) have to give up my job! This is what was going through my mind. Yes...I had a meltdown!

As I wrote above, everything is falling into place. I'm getting the good & the bad, but I know the Lord will never leave me day or night. {Deuteronomy 31:8}

With all of that said...something that makes me smile lately, is photography. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I've been shooting weddings since the beginning of the summer. I've done six weddings, I have my seventh today. Crystal Jo has updated her blog with some photos from the weddings we've shot together & I want to share some of the pics I TOOK with you!

The Colburn Wedding

The Jefferis Wedding

The Potokar Wedding

My, my, my!!! What a week it has been! It's Friday, the last night of prelim competition for Miss Ohio & the day before Miss Ohio 2010 will be crowned! Who will it be?! I am as anxious as ever, more so than last year.

Last year it was surreal to sit in the audience, but this year I've gotten to know the contestants a little and have had the honor to be a small part of the show! These young women are truly outstanding and all their hard work is paying off this week!

A congrats goes to Becky Minger who won a swimsuit prelim Wednesday night, Nanciann Strosnider who took home a talent prelim award Wednesday night AND a swimsuit prelim last night, as well as my Miss Maple City sister who was awarded a talent prelim last night, Marisa Bucheit! My little host sister, Ashley Warholic, will compete in talent tonight & I would love to travel back up to Mansfield to watch her!

I'm 50/50 right now as I am SO tired! I can't believe I would "go" 24/7 back when I was Miss Ohio. I still wonder how I did it & how all these ladies are doing it now. I came back to Columbus yesterday because I had to work a few hours...

...It was actually the LAST day at my part time job with Fisher Grad Programs! Because, drum roll please...I got a job!!! Wednesday was a blessed day for me. I awoke in Mansfield in my second home, The Warholics, found out my sister-in-law {finally} got engaged AND I got a job offer from THE Ohio State University! Which I accepted! Wohoo!!!

Not only will I be a graduate of OSU very soon, but I will also be a staff member with Fisher College of Business! Maybe I'll even go back to school and get my Master's! But I'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

So what to do?! Go to Mansfield or relax at home one more night? I'm organizing a cocktail hour for Former Miss Ohio's tomorrow and co-hosting with some Miss Ohio Sister's. Whew! Abby Bollenbacher is back in Mansfield and it would be GREAT to catch up with her! Decisions, decisions!

Make sure to continue watching the shows online: www.missohio.org. Also keep checking the MOSP Facebook page for updates: www.facebook.com/missohio.

I start summer classes on Monday but hope to blog again soon! Break a leg Miss Ohio contestants! ~Blessings to you & yours~
Way to go baby sister! Looks like someone is following in my footsteps! I found out Faye was in the "pageant" two days before she was to compete. I took my last final that afternoon, had enough time to run home & grab a bite to eat then drive 20 minutes to Commercial Point & snap a few shots of her becoming the 2010 Junior Miss Commercial Point!The competition consisted of an audience introduction, Q & A, then a private 5 minute "interview" with judges. She was up against 8 other girls, ages 12 to 14! I think she had a good time & that outcome helped a bit. There was also a "Princess" program in conjunction with the Jr. Miss. Tonight they will hold the Miss competition and Faye gets to be in the Homecoming parade tomorrow!

I wish there had been a little more to the pageant, like talent. However, it was free to the contestants & a great experience for those who participate and/or win. Faye is even interested in the Miss Ohio Outstanding Teen program next year. I'm SO excited!Other than going to cheer on my baby sister I've been up to a lot, hence my blogging absence. I have my fifth wedding to shoot tomorrow. I've done multiple portrait & family sessions, even been asked to work on a catalog project this summer. One of my best friends (Kasey Wilson-Johansen) got hitched last weekend. My brother-in-law from Cali just left for Montreal yesterday. I am finished with finals! And Miss Ohio Week 2010 has begun!

I'm off to a rehearsal in Mansfield on Sunday & the madness will ensue on Wednesday! I'm excited for the coming days but will have little time to blog. Make sure to keep an eye on Abby Bollenbacher's blog for all things Miss Ohio related!
I want to add this quickly so it's going to be a short blog! I will write more tomorrow.

Congratulations baby sister...2010 Junior Miss Commercial Point!!! I'm so proud of her!