Wow, what a weekend! As I sit writing this, just finished my brat for dinner (yum) & watching Steve play with Carmen, I'm about to finish up laundry from Friday & start two assignments for my Comm classes this week.

I was excited to go "camping" this weekend at the 2010 Miss Ohio forum. Amber Bussa (Miss North Central), Tera Coleman (Miss Heart of Ohio) & Cayla Hellwarth (Miss Lake Festival) rode with me to St. Louisville. Luckily everything fit in my trunk. We arrived VERY early Saturday morning & dropped our things off at our cabins. I stayed in the Cow Palace! Oh yeah!

Tim O'Guinn, Director of Scholarships, Finance & Accounting for MOSP, asked myself as well as other former Miss Ohio's to be a part of this years forum to provide more insight to the contestants & so contestants could have "access" to us. Unfortunately, I was the only former who was able to attend. If any of my Miss Ohio sisters are reading this, if they ask you again next year...say yes! I had such a good time, I'm exhausted but thoroughly enjoyed my time there with everyone & the Miss Ohio ladies!

Saturday morning started with meetings consisting of what items to bring/not to bring with you during Miss Ohio Week, chaperone/host home information, & of course production info. They didn't make anyone wait too long & began the contestant lottery right before lunch!

Buckeye Flight
(Tuesday Morning - Interview, Wednesday - Talent, Thursday - Swimsuit, Friday - Evening Gown & On-stage Question)

1. Elizabeth Wong
2. Sarah Hider
3. Heather Waterman
4. Alyssa Waldman
5. Amber Bussa
6. Meggie Wittman
7. Kristy Moneysmith
8. Nanciann Strosnider

Cardinal Flight
(Tuesday Evening - Interview, Wednesday - Evening Gown & On-stage Question, Thursday - Talent, Friday - Swimsuit)

9. Anna Reis
10. Rebekah Zoz
11. Stephanie Beltz
12. Shannon O'Neil
13. Courtney Monk
14. Cayla Hellwarth
15. Marisa Bucheit
16. Katie Bowen
17. Jacquelyn Nichols

Carnation Flight
(Wednesday Morning - Interview, Wednesday - Swimsuit, Thursday - Evening Gown & On-stage Question, Friday - Talent)

18. Becky Minger
19. Katie Camp
20. Heather Wells
21. Heidi Negron
22. Ellen Bryan
23. Tera Coleman
24. Ashley Warholic
25. Whitney Fricke
26. Devon Stansbury

Click HERE for some photos from this weekend!

After contestants picked their placement, it was lunch time! Everyone could eat their cares away! It is funny how intense picking a contestant number is, everyone likes to think there's a strategy. In the long run, don't be superstitious. If God wants you for the job, then you'll get it. He's not looking at what night you did evening gown or if you picked #5 when you "should have" picked #17...neither are the judges. :-)

I will have the honor of emceeing one night of preliminaries this year, along side Miss Ohio 2009, Erica Gelhaus! I just finalized some things with John Kunkel (Stage Director of the Miss Ohio show) today. I will emcee on Wednesday with a possible "special" appearance on Thursday. We're unsure of who or how Saturday's final night will be emceed. There may be a "surprise" celebrity host or I will be emceeing again along with Amanda Beagle (Miss Ohio 2004) & Melanie Murphy-Miller (Miss Ohio 2006)!

Wednesday's prelim show will have a Country flare! Yay! I will be jealous of who ever gets to host Thursday's show...it's "Glee" night/Spirit themed! "Fame" is Friday nights theme. Wednesday we'll hear songs from the Dixie Chicks & Johnny Cash, however, don't be surprised if you hear a more "popular" song in the mix. Thursday will bring Ray Charles, Tony Bennett & possibly some Grease to the audience. And Friday, you can't go without some Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze, of course Fame & possibly 'On My Own'; also from the original show.

I am beyond thrilled. There are A LOT of things in the mix right now. I'm eager to start rehearsals next month. That calendar of mine just keeps filling up! Will it ever stop? Steve & I celebrate our ONE YEAR anniversary this weekend! Next weekend I am training on one of the ropes courses for Camp Sharp, so I can help the girls who attend our camp in July. The following weekend I will be a part of Columbus' Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure - Survivor Ceremony & Final Awards Celebration! I will share more of that later! Tata for now! Have BLESSED week...y'all!
I am a "real" photographer...almost!!! I had my first lesson with Crystal Jo last night and boy was it interesting, hard work, and a tad overwhelming but I know I'm going to love it. I learned a lot in just one evening. Plus we had a session with 3 week old little Baby Trevor! Here are some of my shots from my first night as a "real" photographer...Of course I had to get my little puppy, Carmen, in there! Off to the Ohio 4H Camp this weekend for the 2010 Miss Ohio contestant forum. Another photographer practice session next week! ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY next weekend! Ropes & initiatives training courses for Camp Sharp the following weekend & then I've got something so awesome two weekends after that but it deserves its own post! Have a fabulously blessed weekend...see ya'll real soon!

~Love & Blessings~
Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!

I've had a slacker attack! Not really, I have just been so terribly, insanely, stupidly busy and it has left me no time for this dear old blog! I joined reality again yesterday after battling some sinus gunk. I've never had allergies before in my life & my doctor said I'm developing one. Boo! Which is another reason why I haven't written.

Honestly, I'm sitting in my Strategic Media Planning class right now...don't tell Dr. Sohn! Before this afternoon class I worked a few hours at my internship with SBC Advertising then ran home to let our little puppy out...When I get home I've got some tidying up to do before my photographer friend comes over! I have been assisting Crystal Jo (of CrystalJoFoto) with shoots over the passing months, being a creative part of her team. We really have a lot of fun together. She's going to teach me how to shoot! I might be her traveling "2nd photographer" this summer for a few weddings! She takes beautiful photos and I am ecstatic at the thought of working with her more.

Check out this photo of my delicious no-bake key lime cupcake I made for Easter. This was taken with my Sony CyberShot! Smile. My "no" baking skills aren't too bad, and I'll say the same for my picture taking...maybe.Spring quarter has started and I'm only 106 days away from graduation! That still blows my mind. Again, something I put my mind to, persevered, and will finally accomplish so soon! Along with 16 credit hours of spring quarter classes I'm still working two part-time jobs and filling an internship with SBC Advertising! I don't think I've shared much about my internship with you.

My internship with SBC's New Business Development & Marketing began in January. The directors in my department are responsible for not only seeking out new business opportunities but holding onto those client relationships. The "marketing" aspect of this department is in-house. We take care of SBC's website, SBC's social media, and any mass mailing that SBC sends out...that's us. Some of SBC's clients include: Elmer's, Subway, Big Lots, Bob Evans, and Bed, Bath & Beyond! Just to name a few!

Steve & I are off to Cleveland tomorrow for our first Cavaliers game! I can't begin to tell you how stoked we are...we're kind of LeBron geeks! We're hoping to stop at my host family's home in Mansfield for a visit on our way. It will be a good day!

I'm honored to have been asked to be a part of the 2010 Miss Ohio contestant forum and retreat next weekend. The MOSP board plans to have former Miss Ohio's in attendance, as well as Erica, so current contestants can have "access" to us. I love being outdoors and I think last years contestants had a blast, I'm hoping to do the same! I'm sure there will be loads of photos going around and blogs going crazy after forum, be sure to check back because I'll add to the mix!

Until then...have a blessed week!