Erica & the other 2010 Miss America hopefuls flip flap jacks for

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Wohoo! I can NOT believe it's time for Miss America 2010 already! Wow! I have been delegated to plan a get together for the Miss America Class of 2008 next week in Las Vegas! I am BeYoNd excited! Things have been moving at 100mph so I feel like I haven't had a chance to even really think about everything! I wish I were staying in Vegas more than two days, but I am extremely thankful with what God has blessed me with.

Plans with Miss Kentucky ('08), Kaitlynne Postel and Miss All American City, Becky Minger, are under way...for our ventures in Vegas! I like that..."Ventures in Vegas!" I'll have to remember that when I return. Last year for the MAO '08 reunion I was a part of a Glam It Up Fashion Show then we had a party at the Hawaiian Tropics club inside PH. Also last year, there were nearly 30 returning MAO girls! The numbers are dwindling which is bound to happen with everyone moving all over the country and marriages and some of my sisters are getting ready for babies! Miss Idaho, Sadie (Quigley) Simpson to name one! I will be joined by the following Misses: KY, WV, DE, AR, WA, NV, KS, LA and of course our Miss America!

Check out YouTube for a couple of videos from the contestants "arrival" to Planet Hollywood. In years past, they've held the event outdoors so passersby can stop to get a glimpse of the Miss America girls but due to the rain, they took it indoors. If I'm looking at the picture correctly, they are situated one floor above the casino, on the same level with the auditorium where Stomp plays. Ahh...memories!

Well I have a big assignment due Monday and my first exam in one of my comm classes next week. I also have to get together with my group for a small project that's due when I return from Vegas. My body is fighting off a bad cold. I still need to share all about my internship with you and I haven't even begun to think about packing or even what I'll wear in Vegas! It's still a big deal to me, ha! I probably won't update until I return from Vegas. So for now keep clicking on Abby's blog and continue to support our Miss Ohio, ERICA...Miss AmERICA!

Love & Blessings.
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Whew! Another week has passed & today I get an extra day "off" & that makes me very happy!

I have a couple of things to share today! Click HERE for a few photos from Erica's send off, most of which are already on my blog but there are other pics included in the album now, too! This past Wednesday, Martha Campbell (ED for the Miss Clayland program) coordinated a surprise get together for Erica while she was in Columbus at Ohio State's Woody Hayes Athletic Training Facility!

She mentioned this to me on Sunday & wondered if Steve & I would be interested in going & helping out! "Of course" I said, it's something we wouldn't miss! I offered to help & Martha took me up on it by asking me to bring shredded chicken sandwiches! Mind you, this is not something you can buy...it has to be homemade. My first attempt at homemade shredded chicken was...good! I say as I heave a sigh of relief.
Erica was truly surprised when she walked upstairs to the "party room" at the training center to see all of her "Columbus friends!" We spent a couple of hours just sharing in the moment & mingling with one another then Jimmy Cordle (#64 for OSU, center on the offensive line) took us on a tour of the facility! It was amazing! It should be...it cost close to $20 million to build! Steve & I really had a good time that night & I loved being able to spend more time with Erica before she's off to Las Vegas!

I was a part of our first meeting in 2010 for OPCE (Ohio Partners in Character Education) this week. We get together quarterly & January is always fun because we set our goals for the coming 12 months! I was able to help the last meeting by assisting in scheduling the committee's trip to Orrville where they are a Community of Character! Our next task is to create different "ice breaker" activities for school principals & teachers! The mission is to get educators thinking about their own character which will in turn help them display good character traits to their students! There are a lot of exciting things in store for OPCE this year & I'll keep you posted.

Erica leaves for Vegas on Thursday so say a little prayer for her! And I leave in less than two weeks! As always, check Abby's blog because she is amazing at keeping everyone updated & check this out: 2010 Miss America Pageant Events

Blessings for your week!
Welcome to 2010! Eleven days in & we're already going strong! Steve & I said bye to our first very own real Christmas tree last night. Hopefully you saw a photo of it in a previous blog of mine, if not, your loss! Kidding!

I hope this new year is treating all of my readers well so far! Year after year, Steve & I go to dinner & typically end up at 12:15am, ready to pass out. And...year after year, we say we should do something for new years eve the next year. We followed through this time & had a small get together at our house! We watched "Funniest Videos" & "Whose Line is it Anyway" & we also played charades! It was a lot of fun but next year, I think I'd like to get dressed up & ring in 2011 'Quantum of Solace' style...or something!

I've been MIA for a couple of weeks and the same thing is going to happen in the weeks coming up.

Here's a "little" synopsis of why you won't be hearing from me too much: I'm in my second week of Winter Quarter. Steve & I got season tickets to the OSU men's basketball games. I'm currently working three jobs. I started my internship with SBC Advertising last week. I have an Ohio Partners in Character Ed meeting this week. I attended Miss Ohio's send off yesterday. Steve is on an indoor soccer league. Faye is on the 7th grade girls bball team...and I'm going to Vegas!!!!!

Whew! Just thinking about everything kind of makes me cringe...but deep down inside, I do love it!

That's right! I'm going back to Las Vegas to take part in the Miss America 2010 extravaganza and to support our own Miss Ohio, Erica Gelhaus!!! I had a good time at Erica's send off celebration in St. Henry yesterday. There were close to 200 family, friends & supporters at Romer's Catering for the celebration! We were able to mingle for a while before the show started. Our hostess for the show (Miss Ohio '08), Karissa Martin, was not able to journey up due to weather. Mr. Mark Schnitkey stepped in for her. Others that took the stage to fill in were myself & to entertain was the rest of Erica's Top 5: Becky Minger, Nanciann Strosnider, Jenna Wilson & Ellen Bryan.

Erica modeled a couple of visitation dresses, an evening gown, interview outfit, talent gown & a couple of miscellaneous arrival/luncheon outfits...that she'll wear in Vegas! It's not uncommon, but Erica looked spectacular yesterday! She just shined! I am beyond thrilled to go back to Vegas for my third year...this time to cheer on "my" first runner-up! It's crazy how time flies and what can happen in only 2 years! I am SO excited for Erica!

Here are some photos from Miss Ohio's send-off: I would like to share more about my time in St. Henry with you, how this quarter is going so far, about my internship, my trip to Vegas & about some other exciting things happening in my life...but like I said, time is flying by! I promise I'll write more...soon! Please check back!

Love & Blessings!

P.S. Check out Abby's blog! She has a great article regarding Erica & her interview prep on it!