I was not kidding when I said things have been really crazy busy! Please allow me to catch you up on the last month of my life.

Winter quarter is almost upon...me, but it seems as though Autumn quarter just ended. I completed my finals with great haste and am glad to put it behind me. The upcoming quarter is not going to be a cake-walk however. With that said, you may not be hearing from me much.

In the midst of finishing up classes I was able to go back to an organization that I love so dearly and have been helping the past five years...Salvation Army, Christmas Cheer Program. I squeezed in a few hours at a local Columbus church where I volunteered and got families registered for their Christmas Cheer gifts! I typically do registration plus help out at check-in on the days families go to the Ohio State fairgrounds to pick up their food and toys, but the Salvation Army already had all the volunteers they needed. Even though it was something I was thoroughly looking forward to, it was a blessing to them. Next year I'm hoping Steve can come with me, I'll just have to remember to sign up earlier!

After some of the chaos settled, Steve & I did attend our first Ohio State men's basketball game! 'Tis the season for basketball because that game was followed up with my sisters first 7th grade girls basketball game! The Vikings didn't win but it was a good game, Faye even scored a basket...in the opposing teams hoop, but still! It was TOO cute, she was nervous but it hasn't happened since! Don't laugh! ;o)

I then had the pleasure of traveling up to Mansfield to be a part of the 2009/2010 Miss Mansfield competition! I was honored to co-emcee the pageant with outgoing Miss Mansfield, Nanciann Strosnider. Those days make for long ones but they're totally worth it. I'm sure everyone involved would agree with me. I'm a bit late on this & I'm sure you've seen them all, but here are a few photos:Before I knew it Christmas was here (and now it's gone, sad face)! We got our first very own "real live" tree! For those of you who are Jessica Nelson (Ha!) and attended Miss Mansfield, you know the inside joke about "real live!" Scroll below to see our tree!

The past two weeks have been filled with wonderful Christmas festivities! We had many, many family gatherings including the "Evawillialbermow", "Smikellalber", "Calbert" & "Willialber" get together's! Along with all the gatherings and company Christmas parties, we also made it to my sisters Christmas Choir Concert, where she had a solo! She sang a Taylor Swift song called "Christmas Must be Something More." I took a video of it & hope to put it on the blog soon...it was good!

I've got some exciting things coming up...other than only being six classes away from graduation! I got a "new job" plus was offered an internship with the same company. One of my best friends and I have started something new & very inspiring! I hope to share a new website & info about this with you soon!

For now...HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can't believe 2010 is right around the corner! A new year brings many great and new opportunities. "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. In His great mercy He has given us new birth into a living hope..."
{1 Peter 1:3}
Here's a slide show I found of Erica: Bowling with Miss Ohio! There's a really good photo of The Gelhaus family in the mix, too!
Merry Christmas!

I apologize for my lack of blogging. Life has been really crazy busy! I have another week off before winter quarter starts & I hope to blog before classes begin. For now, here's a photo of our first ("real") Christmas tree!

Sending all my love & wishing everyone a blessed Holiday & a very Happy New Year!

Oh! And follow Santa on this tracker, here!