*Gown for SALE*

Beautiful yellow Jovani dress (size 4) up for grabs! Worn three times at Miss Maple City, Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen & as a walk on gown for Miss America 2008!

Please email missoh07@yahoo.com if you're interested!
Congratulations to the new Miss Vacationland, Jacquelyn Nichols! Click HERE for Abby's blog or HERE for Jillian's blog with info & photos from the contest!

I've had the honor of getting to know one wonderful young woman who competed last night, over the past couple of months. I so wish I could've made the trip to Port Clinton to cheer her on, but Steve & I were in Cincinnati! This lady is an amazing individual full of passion and love. We were able to chat on the phone last night after her parents stopped to get her McDonald's, & she's already looking forward to competing again! Next up is Miss Mansfield, which I have the privilege to co-emcee with outgoing Miss Mansfield, Nanciann Strosnider, who is always such a hoot! I'm looking forward to my "stint" with the Mansfield crew!

What else, but more pictures! As I mentioned in an earlier post, my photographer asked me to be a model for a couple of lighting sessions she's had with other photographers in the area. Here's more of what we got & I really like these ones:

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We've had such a good day and it's been very relaxing! I took a couple of pictures from events with the family today, so if I get a chance maybe I'll add some. We're also planning to put Christmas lights up on our house this weekend, which of course we're both SO excited about...being our first home! I'll share photos of the house too!

We spent the morning watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and of course, the moment I have to start getting ready is when I would miss Katie Stam, Miss America! Here's a link to a small story and pics from the parade: AOL News. From what I could tell, there are at least four good photos of Katie (out of 200)!

We're traveling to Cincinnati tomorrow to visit with more family for Thanksgiving! I wish I would be able to drive to Port Clinton to watch the Miss Vacationland pageant, that was brought back by Miss Ohio '62/Miss America '63, Jackie Mayer. I've been honored to know and help one young woman who is competing in that program and I wish her and all the other young ladies the best! Break a stiletto!

I continue to have a full plate week after week and this past week was no different. I actually started a new job, which makes my third! Well sixth really, but who's counting?! I will share more about my new position soon, too!

Thanks for reading! Many blessings on this holiday...and good luck to those Black Friday shoppers!

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Welcome to "robertacamp.com" - well sort of!

I'm working on constructing my very own website which will consist of loads of info, from portfolio to services to bios to stories, etc etc etc! Right now www.robertacamp.com is linked up with my blog!

I always seem to blog on Sundays! And this Sunday I do have something new & exciting to ask of you. If you get a moment, please vote for me by clicking on the pic below or here: 2010 Face of e.l.f. !!! The Face of e.l.f. is a modeling competition and there are a LOT of models! I think the count is almost 8,000! I don't know how the casting agents are going to be able to pick but I still think it's fun to be a part of! I appreciate your vote if you get a chance!

Here's to a fantastic week ahead...Thanksgiving!
It was another LONG week!

I traveled to the University of Cincinnati last week to recruit for Fisher & was able to catch up with my dad, who fixed me a delicious dinner while I was down his way. This week I journeyed to Berea, where I visited Baldwin Wallace College to promote the MLHR program for Fisher. It's not so rough making those long trips, partially due to my experience as Miss Ohio & it helps when you know you're going to catch up with loved ones. I was able to hang out & have lunch with Ashley Warholic, who is a Junior at BW & was my little host sister for three years! The role has been flipped though & she is competing for Miss Ohio now. Ashley's going back to the stage next summer for her second try as Miss Greater Cleveland! Here are photos of my trips & me as an "official" Fisher recruiter:

Below, me at my table during the UC Grad Expo.

My table at Baldwin Wallace.

Also this past Thursday I was a part of a mini photo shoot with a good friend & someone I like to refer to as "my" photographer. Crystal Jo (of Crystal Jo Foto) asked me to help out as a model for a small group of local photographers who like to get together & bounce ideas off eachother. This week they were working on different lighting techniques. Other than getting to hang out with creative people & getting those juices flowing, I also get some of the photos for being their model! I really enjoyed my time with the photographers & I hope they learned a few things & learned some tricks of the trade! Here are some of the pics I get to add to my portfolio: And how about those Buckeyes?! I can already smell the Roses! My brother-in-law & his wife live in California & are hounding Steve & I to go out for the Rose Bowl game...we shall see! Right now though, I'm trying not to think that far in advance! I'm counting on this week to be a little more low key but we'll see!

Blessings for a great week!
I just returned home from a VERY busy weekend! I wanted to blog quickly with a link to photos from the First Annual MOSP Christmas Spirit Fundraiser. Click HERE for those photos.

Steve & I are so proud to have been able to participate in the "Beat Michigan, Beat Cancer 5K" on Saturday, finishing well for first-timers! Steve finished in less than 31 minutes and I came in under 34 minutes! The race was for a great cause, ovarian cancer research at the James. Click HERE for the story that inspired me a to be a runner.

The group we ran with (Monica, Tara, me, Steve & Jeff).

I hope to have time this week to post a little more about the MOSP Fundraiser event. But I do have one question for my readers. My blog is confusing me, which isn't something out of the ordinary. Can you let me know if the background shows up for you or not? Right now, all I see on my blog is the text & stories but no grey & blue design as the background. Let me know, I'd appreciate it.

Blessings for your week!