I'm typing from my brand NEW HP laptop! I can't believe it & I'm surprised at how enthusiastic I am to (finally) have a laptop! I feel like I am finally "up" with technology of '09 & the rest of the world! I took "our" new computer to class the other day & it was wonderful not to have to write so frantically to keep up with note taking as the professor speeds through her power point slides! Ahh...thank you God for all our blessings, even the electronic ones!

I hope you liked peering through all the photos from this past weekend's Ohio State Homecoming Parade. It was a very relaxing evening & it was great to see Erica & Martha, as well as meet new friends! Erica is keeping herself extremely busy. She's only had one day off this month alone. She shared with me her success on raising funds for CMN! She has local schools in the Mansfield area as well as in her hometown on board. Without a doubt, she has hit her mark for required funds for MAO. I think she's probably already raised $1,000! Way to go Erica!

I also received information on Erica's send-off to Miss America, today. As soon as I figure out how to post pdf's to my blog & as soon as I have another minute...I'll share the info. For now, it's January 10th, 2010 in St. Henry!

As I mentioned in two previous blog posts, I had 1 midterm this morning & follow it up with the last 2 tomorrow. Obviously, I'm not studying...the blog was calling me.

Remember Highlights for Kids magazine? How could you forget it? Long story short, I am on the steering committee for Ohio Partners in Character Education (OPCE) and we hold quarterly meetings. Every meeting we try to invite someone new, someone who might benefit from being on board or vice versa. At one of our last meetings I sat next to the individual who had never been to an OPCE meeting before. Her name is Pat and she's the Vice President of Highlights for Kids magazine, her grandparents were educators and founded the magazine.

Well, the photos below actually have nothing to do with Pat and I meeting. It just shows how small the world really is! I am a part of two talent agencies, doing "contract" work for one of them. Last week I was casted for a nationwide mailing campaign for Highlights! Again, this wasn't a project that Pat was working on, it had nothing to do with her. It's just so coincidental that I knew her from previous circumstances and have worked with her! Myself and the group that was there for the shoot, had a great time! I hope to do more promotional work for Highlights! I wanted to share these photos!
Wish me luck on my last two midterms!
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"If loving the Buckeye's is wrong, then I don't want to be right."

We had a great weekend! We hung out on campus Friday for the OSU Homecoming Parade, which our Miss Ohio rode in! Click HERE for photos.

Steve & I also celebrated our six month anniversary (Aww!) at Barrio Tapas this weekend. Barrio is a Spanish Cuisine restaurant in downtown Columbus & it's very tasty. The next time any of my readers are in town & are up for something different, I definitely suggest it.

Have a great week! Midterms for me...
A couple of posts ago I mentioned that Erica, Miss Ohio 2009, will be in Columbus this week. Erica will be a part of the 2009 Ohio State Homecoming Parade & Festivities! During my year as Miss Ohio, I was able to participate in the parade! I remember having a lot of fun meeting the BuckNut Guy and the one & only President E. Gordon Gee! Now don't worry, I did attempt to get Karissa, Miss Ohio '08, in the parade but I emailed my contact a little too late! I'm really excited that Erica will be able to make the trip down to be a part of the OSU tradition! Steve & I plan to be on campus along with Miss Clayland ED, Martha Campbell, to cheer Erica on in the parade route! Here are photos of when I was in it:

We're going to be busy this weekend with OSU Homecoming festivities, a couple of friends are in town plus we have another friends birthday to celebrate. And guess what else we have to celebrate...our SIX month anniversary! Wow! I can't believe it's been six months already since that day in April when we said "I Do!" I've got two midterms next week, so if you don't hear from me it's because my head will be buried in my books.

I also found this new "article" and nice video clip of Erica! It's from a recent visit she made to an elementary school in the Mansfield area. Take a quick moment and click HERE to watch!

Thanks for reading! Blessings...
Ok, I should totally be working on a composition for my Spanish class but I also really want to blog about my time at the NBC4 Studios here in Columbus.

I was asked to appear on a special segment for Daytime Columbus with Gail Hogan. The portion of the show I was a part of was sponsored by Macy's. Click HERE to watch the video! And here are some photos I took while we were there:
The set.

Me with Gail Hogan.

Me & the other models, Lesli & Shandra.

Me with Mark Miller from Macy's.

Macy's has started the "Come Together" campaign in conjunction with Feeding America, to help provide 10 million meals for families in America. I'm thankful to have been a part of this segment with Mark and Daytime Columbus. DC is all about taking a closer look at area businesses, resources and organizations available in Central Ohio. They like to focus on important issues and events happening around town. It's also the only locally produced talk show in Columbus. I enjoyed my time at the studio and getting to know these new and wonderful people today. However, Gail wasn't so new to me. She and I met back in the day when she emceed the "Looking for Wendy" pageant...and I was a contestant! Talk about a good laugh!

Thanks for reading the blog! Check back, a lot more to come this week!
I've got some neat stuff coming up! I've been keeping extremely busy with school & work but have managed to squeeze in some time for my clients & a little pumpkin patching! I love this time of year...with the exception of these cold & rainy days!

Coming up on Monday I will be a part of Daytime Columbus on NBC4! Click HERE to find out more about the show. I will take photos of my time at the studio & share more about my experience there, after.

Also, Miss Ohio 2009 will be in Columbus next weekend & I've got info on that which I'll share next week! I also wanted to include some links to interviews with myself & other 2008 Miss America contestants. Before Autumn Quarter started, I was asked a few questions about my pageant experiences at the local, state & national level on the "Pageant Interviews" website.
Click HERE to read my interview or HERE to view other '08 contestant interviews (Including Kirsten Haglund's!).

Have a blessed week!
I just opened my email to find out...the Miss America Contestant Lottery happened just under four hours ago!!!

Below is an idea of the line up. It has been finalized & all contestants have there placement. Click the link above to view. Erica is in the Sigma Group!!!

MU GROUP – 17 Openings

Monday (AM) – Interview

Tuesday – On Stage Question

Wednesday – Swimsuit/Evening Wear

Thursday – Talent

ALPHA GROUP – 18 Openings

Monday (PM) – Interview

Tuesday – Talent

Wednesday – On Stage Question

Thursday – Swimsuit/Evening Wear

SIGMA GROUP – 18 Openings

Tuesday (AM) – Interview

Tuesday – Swimsuit/Evening

Wednesday – Talent

Thursday – On Stage Question