I'm sorry it's taken this long to share a little about our trip to Michigan with you. I've been quite busy, to say the least. We're back from Michigan, with a somewhat refreshed energy! I guess Miss America can do that to ya!

"I may never climb a mountain, so I can see the world from there. I may never ride the waves or taste the salty ocean air, or build a bridge that would last one-hundred years. But no matter where the road leads, one thing is always clear...I am blessed."

Recognize it? I feel as though I rely on those words & that song. Like it's what keeps me going. Being able to see & talk to MY Miss America was so very invigorating. Listening to her speak about her passion for raising awareness & funds for those struggling with eating disorders, instills something powerful.

Steve & I headed to Novi on Wednesday, taking our time to get to the hotel before getting ready for Kirsten's event. The hotel was lovely & they provided a shuttle to the event venue, which was nice since it was a wine tasting! We got all gussied up & rode over to Andiamo's. We checked in & got our programs before heading to the upstairs "party room." As soon as we walked up the steps, I spotted Iora! Iora is Kirsten's mother, whom I've emailed numerous times & I've only ever seen once, I think it was this past January at Miss America.

We were able to greet her & talk with her for a few moments before Kirsten called for her! Kirsten had just flown in from LA, so they hadn't even hooked up yet. Off she went & left Steve & I to browse the silent auction. Too bad we're partial to Ohio sports because there were autographs from Detroit Tigers players, the Red Wings & of course...Miss America! That room also held the buffet line for tasty chicken alfredo, tomato basil pasta & salad! Needless to say, Steve & I were one of the first to get the rest of the group moving on dinner!

Kirsten & the KHF organizers had at least 100 guests, probably more. It was their goal, being Kirsten's "21st Birthday Celebration", to raise $21,000! I'm hoping that Andiamo's provided the venue for either free or for a very reasonable price. If that's the case, they easily raised $10,000. I'm hoping I'll be able to talk to Kirsten, to find out how much was raised.

You're probably asking "Why are they raising money? What do they need the money for?" Treatment for an individual battling an eating disorder can cost up to $2,600 PER visit/treatment! If that person needs to enter a rehab facility, their costs could reach $100,000 with a blink of an eye. It's the hope of the KHF, to provide scholarships to people in need. They're hoping to give their first scholarship in 2010!

Angela Corsi-Leon (Miss Michigan 2006) was emcee for the evening, while Iora shared a few thoughts as well as Shelley Taylor (Executive Director for MMSP). We sipped wine as Kirsten serenaded us with old Fred Astaire & Nat King Cole classics. The evening went off without a hitch.

I was able to get a little one-on-one time with Kirsten & it was...wonderful! We caught up on eachother's lives, ooo-ed & aww-ed over one another's jewelry or dresses & so on & so on! She said she wanted to meet Steve to "make sure he was good." Ha! She approved, thanks Kirsten!

There was only a handful of people who took the shuttle from the hotel, one of which is a new "business partner" of Kirsten's! Her name is Genie & she flew up from Atlanta that day to be at the celebration! Genie works for Manna & met Kirsten for the first time that night, even though they had been talking the last 6 months! Manna is also a "non-profit scholarship fund organization dedicated to providing funds for residential and inpatient eating disorder treatments." Steve & I were able to chat with her on our way back, where she told us about having Kirsten to an event later this year to help boost support & sponsors for Manna. Good luck!

That about sums it up. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Hey, even Steve said it was fun, so that's a good sign! Classes started this week & my first cold of the season also started this week! I've got two official "clients" for pageant & vocal coaching. I'm still working with TTG & Heyman. Football season is in full swing. My brother-in-law & his wife are visiting for a family wedding & they're staying with us! My reason for sharing all of this with you is...if you don't hear from me for a while, please don't be surprised! I'm just off, saving the world...one blessed day at a time!

Thanks for reading!

Click HERE to see photos from KHF A Celebration of Life.
Who would have ever thought that I would be so excited to travel to Michigan? But today, I am thrilled! Steve & I are taking the next couple of days "off" & heading to Michigan to support a friend. That friend just so happens to be Miss America 2008, Kirsten Haglund!

Kirsten turned 21 years old a couple of days ago & in the midst of her birthday celebrations she is holding a fundraising extravaganza! A Celebration of Life is an event she has been planning to raise funds to provide aid & hope to those seeking treatment & freedom from eating disorders. Before Kirsten served as Miss America, she had been raising awareness of this illness & continues to do so through the Kirsten Haglund Foundation.

We are ecstatic to be fortunate enough to help Kirsten during this special day & take a little road trip to see her. There will be food, wine tastings, entertainment & music, it should be a fantastic time! I'm also excited to get to meet Shelley, the ED for the Miss Michigan program, for the first time tonight. Shelley & I have had an ongoing email relationship over a year now! Also looking forward to officially meeting Kirsten's mother, & other individuals involved with Miss Michigan & Miss America.

Wish us safe travels! I will bring back stories & pictures!

Love & Blessings.


The relaxed atmosphere of my job at Ohio State, allows us to listen to the radio...via the internet. However, have you noticed that Pandora is charging? I was very disappointed when I heard the news that after your 40 hours per month are used up, it's time to hand over the bucks! But do not fear...slacker.com is here! My husband shared a couple of other online radio stations with me and my co-worker was on a hunt too, she found musicovery.com!

So as I sit here jamming to the Michael Jackson station that Pandora created for me, Prince's "Little Red Corvette" is playing...& I just got off the phone with a possible "client" who is interested in voice lessons & a pageant coach! SO many new & wonderful things happening, I'm overjoyed. More updates...

I was busy over the long weekend. Not only was I asked last minute to sing at Summerville but I had the opportunity to travel to Portsmouth to judge Miss River Days! I enjoyed Saturday, just having fun with the other judges and getting to know the 12 determined senior high school girls from Scioto County who competed at Miss River Days. This pageant is a BIG deal, no kidding! They described it as a huge pep-rally & they weren't messing around! The theater was packed with high school students, families, air-horns...you name it! Kind of like Miss Ohio!

Each young lady represented her respective high school from the area. The 2nd runner-up was Alexa Pratt of Valley High, 1st runner-up was Kylie Davis from Clay High School, and the contestant who won our votes was Julie Seaman from Northwest High. I really enjoyed my time, here are photos:
I love going to "P-Town" to see my old friends. I got to catch up with Greg Davis (ED of the Miss Portsmouth/Scioto Valley programs & my former director!), Pam Rase (mom to one of my best friends) & Jenny Jeffrey (mother to former pageant contestant, Erin Jeffrey-Rathman). But I saved the best for last...I got to meet Callie! Amanda Rase DeHart (one of my bridesmaids) & I had a sleepover. I got to meet her little baby girl for the first time! What a beautiful blessing!

I want to help you reach your goals...one "stiletto" step at a time! Please contact me at your convenience with questions or to discuss availability & rates. You can get a hold of me by emailing me at missoh07@yahoo.com! I look forward to hearing from you & working together! Click HERE for the flyer.