Last weekend our wedding photographer & I shot for hours, & we had a blast! After the shoot, we went back to her "studio," opened a bottle of wine & tried to narrow 300 pics down to 10! I picked up the CD of photos today & now here I sit, in my sweats, looking at my photos & I'm in amazement of her work. She & I both collaborated on this shoot. We wanted it to be fun, flirty, romantic...& I think you'll see that from some of the shots.

I have a new talent meeting with Heyman tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to. I'm also looking forward to showing these new pictures to my other agent in PA, I hope he'll be pleased. You don't think they're "too pageantry" do you? Ok, maybe don't answer that honestly! Ha!

Along with my new-found love of talent gigs, I would also like to "announce" that I am starting to vocal coach as well as pageant coach! This will be a learning process for me & I'm thankful to have gotten helpful insight from my friend, Kasey! If you or someone you know, might be interested in a voice lesson or pageant session, please email me at missoh07@yahoo.com!

For now, I'm pleased to add these pics to my portfolio & share with you...

Check it out! More to come!

I love new beginnings!

New Photos @ CrystalJoFoto

Ahh, time! Where did you go?

First, do you like the new layout & design of this blog? It matches my new business cards! Feedback please.

Where do I begin? Would you like to hear of the most recent "events" in my life? Or should I start oldest to newest? You would probably like to hear about the Miss Ohio event that's posted below.

A couple of months ago I was asked to serve as the Interim Activities Director for Summerville, in my hometown. Summerville is an assisted living community that I've been working for over a year now. I absolutely love my position(s) there and was thrilled when they asked me to step-in. As I gained more knowledge about what being the AD would entail, I asked if attending class in the fall would be possible. Summerville was willing to work with me, no matter what & I was thankful for that. Unfortunately, there was just no way I could've made working as the AD and being a full-time student feasible. But I've continued to help until they hire someone full-time for the position.

I was able to organize, create & brainstorm ideas for events & special entertainment, etc.; for our residents. Of course, I had to book Miss Ohio! Erica was gracious enough to visit Summerville two days before she was to leave for Miss America's Outstanding Teen, in Orlando. She spent a half hour or so talking, singing & entertaining the residents. After which she signed autographs & took pictures. I gave her a mini-tour of our community & she helped serve ice cream to our residents after their Sunday afternoon church service. Before she journeyed home that day, for her homecoming, I held a mock interview for her.

I hope she enjoyed her time at Summerville, as I know we all loved hosting her! Pictures below are from her visit.I wasn't able to attend Erica's Buckeyes & Beauties fundraiser due to my obligations at Summerville. I know it sounds like a silly excuse, but the evening of her event was the same night the Starlight Cloggers visited Summerville! I heard she had a great turn-out & raised nearly $3,000 for the Reach Out & Read program!

I want to share a few photos of various occasions I've had the pleasure of being a part of over the quickly passing months.

I was moved when asked to speak at the Ohio Statewide Optimist Luncheon, with Steven Oliveri. We were able to visit with attendees, enjoy lunch and share with them a little about the Miss Ohio Scholarship Program and garner their support.
A few months back I went on a quest for America's Next Top Model, in Columbus. That same day I was to be at the Crew Stadium to sing the National Anthem. I waited 2 hours in line to get a number and asked how much longer the process would be. They couldn't guarantee me anything and I had to leave. I took it upon myself to send my application, contract & a "homemade" portfolio to ANTM casting. What do you know?! They called! My mom & I traveled to Chicago where invitation only auditions were being held! I even met Brittany Mason, Miss Indiana USA 07-08, whom I have a mutual friend with. After nearly 3 hours in the audition room, I was excused, knowing that was the "end of the line" for me. Here are a few photos from our trip & a couple that the casting directors saw:

I'm shooting again this weekend, to get updated photos for The Talent Group & Heyman Talent. In the kindest way possible, both agencies told me my shots were a little too formal or "pageantry," for lack of better terms. I've been working with TTG since last summer & have done various jobs for them, that include I.N.C. Fashion Show, Macy's Fashion Show & a Calvin Klein outerwear promotion. I will be sure to blog with my new photos!

That should do for now! Lots coming up! Can't wait to share!

Thanks for reading.

Another Miss Ohio event!