Trying to get you caught up...

Of course my duties as your Miss Ohio 2007 will never end and I must say, I love it! On July 26th I was a part of the 2008 Basket Festival Pageant in Milan. I met the 2007 Basket Festival Queen, Megan, during my travels as Miss Ohio at the Erie County Fair. I saw her and her mother again at the Wild Turkey Festival. They must have taken it as an 'omen' to have me as a part of their festivities. I am so glad they invited me to be a part of their program.
After the Berlin Heights Basket Festival, I hustled on over to the Wakeman Parade with my lovely friends Dolly Ruffing and Wil Vickery. I caught up with the fabulous Miss Maple City, Heather Wells, as we were a part of their hometown parade.
Baby crazy! One of my best friends and one of Steve's best friends...are now proud parents!

Mya Elaine Lawhorn was born Thursday July 3rd! I have been friends with Abbie (the joyous mama) since 7th grade! Now she's a mommy!

Abigail Grace Light was born Saturday July 19th! Steve has been friends with the wonderful mama and papa, Sean and Andrea, since high school!

And the eminent Terri Tinsman will have a new addition to her family sometime this October...Katelyn Jane Bednarz! I cannot wait to meet her!

** She's here! Katelyn Jane was born this past Monday, 9/29/08! She weighed in at 9lbs 7 oz, my sister still has her beat! Mom and baby went home Thursday and the family is doing well. Congrats!**

Wow! It has been 83 days since placing the crown on Karissa Martin’s head…Miss Ohio 2008! Things have not slowed down since that 21st day in June!

The day after I was dubbed a “former”, was a blur. The drive that only takes 1.5 hours felt like 4. The following Monday I had an interview with Fisher College of Business to help with recruiting staff and I accepted the position! The following Tuesday I had an interview to work part time as an activities director and front desk help for an assisted living community in my hometown, which I also accepted!

The following Wednesday…you may have heard, I got engaged! Steve & I have been dating over 4 years now. He stuck with me through everything, whether he liked it or not! I know God blessed me with this wonderful man and I'm so excited for our future together. Click 'Roberta & Steve', to read how he asked me to be his wife!

So June 25, 2008, I became betrothed and plan to be wed on April 25, 2009! (Oh listen, how proper I sound!)

The following Thursday my [new] fiancé and I journeyed to Zanesville to visit Mr. Fink and Finks Automotive (sponsor for Miss Ohio 2008). I bought my first ever new car and it just happens to be the same vehicle our Miss Ohio, is driving around the Great State of Ohio!

I decided to take Friday to unpack and finally do laundry! That left me Saturday to drive to Cincinnati to check out the fantastic furnishings at IKEA, for the new apartment! And Sunday I attended one of my best friends bridal showers. (She happens to also be my Matron of Honor!)


I began work at Fisher just before the 4th of July holiday! It was odd for me to not have an “appearance” or to be in a parade for Independence Day, so of course I had to plan something! Steve & I held a “multi-purpose” party. The party’s purposes were 1) Steve’s 26th birthday, 2) house-warming/apartment-warming party, 3) engagement party and 4) a Roberta’s “done” being Miss Ohio party! The weather was dreary but we made the best of it and had a good time!

The week after Miss Ohio 2008 was insane! I now hold two jobs, I have to pay for that 2008 Hyundai somehow! Some of my days last nearly 12 hours, which is about the same length as a day of work as Miss Ohio! You and I both thought it was going to “slow down!”

Psych! I’m sure all other former Miss Ohio’s would agree with me!

Now I’m back at it, blogging away! I have even more to update you on, but this is all for now! I hope you enjoy reading about…"My Life After Miss Ohio!"

Love & Blessings,

My amazingly perfect engagement ring.

After our big moment at the Franklin Park Conservatory in the butterfly exhibit. This butterfly was truly there, we didn't photoshop it in.